My friend’s husband is a Yahoo boy –which means I get to attend parties where they pop champagne like they’re popping walnuts in a Lagos traffic jam.

Last Friday was his kid sister’s birthday, and being his wife’s bestie, I got a VIp ticket to the all-white party where the cheapest drink was a bottle of Moet Rose (don’t ask me about the most expensive, because I don’t know. I just know he picked up a bill of 800k for that 3 hour event in a choice lounge off Allen Avenue).

Now don’t get me wrong, Wale (not real names) is one hardworking Yoruba demon who burns 20 litres of fuel daily to provide uninterrupted power supply to his home, for his business and yes, to keep his infant royal baby from getting heat rashes –unlike our embattled Miinister of Darkness, Babatunde Fashola.

Wale who is on the plus-side eats only after 2pm,not because he wants to lose weight, but because he is as busy as a bee. That much credit I will give him. You see, this last shindig got me thinking and asking that question as I watched them empty bottle after bottle of whats that goldplated bottle called…(Ace of Spades?) on his sister’s expensive Peruvian weave, ruining the whole thing.

I have seen money in my twenty-something years on this earth, but of late I begin to ask the question,What is wealth? What does it mean to be rich? How does one get so rich that even the police becomes your friend –regardless of if your mother is a palm-oil seller in Ketu market.

The world around us (Linda Ikeji, Soundcity Tv, and City People) will fill our ears and eyes with stories of rich people who daily acquire expensive toys they’ll never use, or houses they’ll never live in.

Senator Melaye rubs it in with his harem of cars (never mind that he has a 36 million naira official SUV), and we…most of us…call that rich. But is that really rich? I mean, let me borrow that lousy phrase from my kid bro, Olamide….

Who You Epp?

Last year, I watched my (another) friend’s kid brother die from kidney failure after running from pillar to post to raise money for a replacement.

It was just in time, as I read about another Nigerian pastor acquiring a $5 million private jet to (further the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ).

Cool! Cool! Very cool! Impressive, I must say.

But Lanre died anyway, and we buried him in a pauper’s grave in Atan cemetery.

He wasn’t rich enough, I guess. Poor lad. Poor aged mother. Poor family…or isn’t that what they say to people who can’t do anything about their situation…even if it means that they’re gonna die from poverty?

But wait a minute. What is poverty?

Since this insomniac’s rant has not produced the epiphany for the true definition of RICH, can we at least try to define poverty???

Yes, we can try, can’t we?

From the story of my friend’s dead brother, we can easily account for poverty as the state of helplessness, yeah?

We can gradually conclude that poverty is a life-threatening state of helplessness. Yes. It will kill you if you can’t help it.

Poverty is when you die because you can’t control the factors that threaten your life.

Poverty is the inability to prolong life, right?


That sounds like the lot of all men. We are helpless at death, no matter how high ranking we get, life has this way of screwing us into that corner where we cannot for the life of us, prolong life any longer.

It matters not if you are a Dangote, a Melaye, or an Otedola combined.

The inability to prolong life is the very essence of poverty.

We wil ALL OF US get to that day, when we are as poor as Lazarus on his death bed.

But what if I could show you a way….

A way to be undeniably rich today…

A way that will let you know that you are truly, very, and undeniably rich?

I owe myself this.

I owe my friend’s brother, Lanre, this…

I owe my generation this…

Yes, I can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams in the next 30 minutes.

And I’ll show you how in a minute.

But seriously, aren’t you sick of all the ostentatious living that the media shovels in your face, day in, day out?

Aren’t you tired of the lies, lies, and more lies?

Look, for example, they tell you in music videos that a woman’s beauty qualifies her for marriage, but flip to the next page, and youread of how one spouse stabs another to death.

Doesn’t that madden you just one notch?

They tell you that being rich is to pop champagne, and fly first class, and have luxury rides, and then what….plane crashes out of the sky. RIP.

The truth is, we are not rich enough to buy our lives, but we can buy time….

Which s what I am going to ask you to do today –if you want to be rich.

Oh, by the way this post is  not for the Whiz Kids, or the Melayes of this world.

This post is for the yous and mes who know what it means to be stuck…

It is for those who know the pain of helplessness.

It is for you if you have ever promised God that you will be different if you ever got rich.

Here is the 411

I need to raise Six Million Naira for another brother who needs kidney transplant –URGENTLY.

Now, Oluwaseyi Yayaha is someone I have never met until now. As they say, I don’t know him from Adam –but he is real, and he is dying and he needs your help. SEE PROOF VIA VIDEO INTERVIEW BELOW.

Our internet population in Nigeria is 93 million. Facebook population is 17 million….but I don’t need all of you.

I need only 6,000 people who will (not pledge) but actually send in N1,000 to help Oluwaseyi Yahayabuy more time for himself, his family and ourselves.

If you ever wanted to be rich, then this is your chance to do just that…

This is your chance to save a life…prolong a life…prolong a family’s happiness…all with N1,000.

My belief is that if you read this far, then it is true that you have a heart, and we are on the same page.

You are not like those who equate life with Maseratis (which aren’t quite bad, but don’t quiteEpp anybody).

You are not like the billionaires who own private jets but can’t save a life –much less theirs.

This is for you if you are a Nigerian in Buhari’s economy…

You can’t pay your rent, BUT you can save a life.

Your DSTV bills are due, BUT you can save a life.

You can’t afford to pop champagne, BUT you can save a life.

Friend, that is what it means to be TRULY, VERY RICH IN THIS ECONOMY.

You are a nobody, a statistic, in fact, your internet data is almost expired, BUT YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Doesn’t that make you feel supernatural…like God…way better than the Senators in their 36 million naira SUVS…better than MElaye and his harem of cars….better than 1,000 CHAMPAGNE POPPING YAHOO BOYS!

That’s you right?

Well, here is what you must do to live up to your name.

Send in your money today. Pay into

Fullname: Oluwaseyi Yahaya
Account number: 0036570351
Bank : Access Bank Plc

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

There are at least 7,000 people like us in Nigeria.

Yes, we are a minority, but we can save a life.

Yes, we are nobodys but we can save a life.

The time’s counting…

Let this not be another statistic…

Let us not be helpless like Lanre…

A helpless person is a person who has NO HELP TO OFFER HIMSELF OR ANYONE.

But that is not you.

Act now.

Send your N1,000 and SHARE THIS POST.

Fullname: Oluwaseyi Yahaya
Account number: 0036570351
Bank : Access Bank Plc

A human life depends on it.

Thank you.


PS: Guess what? If you delay helping this man, IN 30 DAYS, it will be too late…and you will live with the painful conscience of a life YOU could have saved.

Source: , foremost digital marketing expert and renowned political analyst.

Help save a life today.
Happy new month.




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  1. ScentNG says:

    Time waits for no man. Kindly help with whatever you can…..

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