Somebody Please Call Heaven


By now, i assume the average socially-inclined Nigerian is familiar with the ongoing ‘war’ currently pillaging the award winning singing duo, PSQUARE. The Okoye news is almost becoming an everyday anthem in celebrity gossip corners (in soft sell magz and blogs) so i do not intend to bore you with unnecessary details you probably might have read dozen times over.


However, for the sake of those who were either in planet Mars or in a remote island when Peter broke the news of Jude Okeye’s managerial termination, READ IT HERE BIKOOO . And if by any chance you are still in the dark as to why this is happening to our dear psquare, i suggest you read the complete text of peter’s interview with the NETng HERE … Still not satisfied? Abeg contact linda for the full ofofo gist jare 😉 😉 


So to the main reason why we are here joor. Do you know two years back, i wouldn’t and couldn’t have thought a day like this would come so soon, a Nigeria without Psquare (Na Mr P and Paul we con get now). Chaiiiiii .Candidly, i take no pleasure in meddling in their family affairs neither will i derive any iota of pleasure in taking sides because together will stand, divided will fall. My free advice to the duo is to man up and reach a conclusion on time before the crisis sink further their already battered image.


Fortnight ago, Peter performed as a solo act in Abuja and was addressed as Mr P. He is also expected to perform solo in Dubai come April. Good tidings one must say. Paul hasn’t been lurking around lazily either as his highly emotional solo melody he recently released has set so many fans to near tears. Having listened to the track, titled CALL HEAVEN firsthand, i sincerely feel their pain, burden and emptiness of heart. This song therefore i must say inspired this post, hence the title. Below is an excerpt of the lyrics…


****paul sobs in the background ***

Make somebody please call heaven,
Make e tell mama say e don happen,
Oh papa na dat level, eeyah
Wey i promise you say e no go happen,
If to say uNa dey for everything wey dey happen today,


If you havent listened to the track yet,



  1. Do you think if Psquare’s mum was still alive, all these wouldnt happening?
  2. Does it mean now that she is no more, they cant resolve their issue?

  3. What is the role of Egbon Jude in all of this?

  4. Finally, do we still even need a Psquare?

Here i drop my pen. Peace to the okoyes.

God Bless Nigeria,
God Bless ScentNG,
Happy New Week .



10 Comments Add yours

  1. seyii says:

    Let the comments roll in first before …..

    1. ScentNG says:

      Lolzz. I am looking forward to your opinnion ooooooo

  2. Hakeem says:

    The song na die…. So emotional.

    Scent kudos

    1. ScentNG says:

      Thankz boss. I felt so emotional tooo. May God help them. Amen

  3. ZyNyb says:


    Lost for words

    #I feel like crying sef.

    Scent uno dey sleeo nii ..lolz

    Nice job

    1. ScentNG says:

      Thanks dear..
      Am so grateful

  4. Joel says:

    They are all grown up and should be able to resolve the grudges they are having between themselves before it cause further damage to their reputation and career.

    1. ScentNG says:

      My sister, sleep ke.

      Na night my head dey correct pass ooooo

    2. ScentNG says:

      Joel my guy, thanks for your contribution. God bless

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