UNIOSUN : Students Protest In Solidarity


If the news reaching me is anything to go by, Ipetu campus of UNIOSUN is certainly not having the best of times. In the spirit of Aluta and solidarity, the angry students ensured a total lockdown of vehicular movement to and fro the campus premises. According to an eyewitness, neither the lecturers nor  students were granted access into the school. 


Trouble started yesterday when some of the defaulting students were sent out of the exam hall for non-payment of the tuition fee. Initially it was considered a mere threat by the students until the authorities made good their promise.


Over 70% of the students were affected by the school’s decision and this resulted in a showdown which could best be described as “action packed” . Those affected were sent out of the halls because they are yet to pay  their school  fees, or unable to provide evidence  of payment  for this session


In the defence of the students, the union leaders argued the authority’s decision was harsh, unruly and selfish since the students would still pay the said tuition by whatever means necessary. Most affected are the final year students as that meant an automatic extra year for them, what a way to go.


Considering the economic situation of the country, we need not go far as to why the school is in such mess. Presently, workers in osun state are being owed over 4 months salary with no hope in sight. This cash drought hasnt left the university’s coffers healthy either. On either sides, money is lacking.


Having said that, it is still humanly possible for the school management to cope even with the non-payment of student tuition rather than opting to send the students out of the exam hall because most certainly, they would still have to pay. As much as i would have love to sit on the fence on th.is, my kidney and liver wont let me. So #iStandWithTheStudents

However, i humbly plead with the student representatives to give peace a chance. Breaking bottles, locking gates, barricading routes wont give a lasting solution. Dialogue is key.

God bless Nigeria,
God bless The Students,
God bless us All

Feel free to send reports or news to our correspondence via scentmarlc@gmail.com.


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  1. ScentNG says:

    Credits goes to http://amiloaded.com/ for eye witness account of the situation

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