Linda Ikeji’s Coat Of Many Colours



Just so you know, our dear sister Linda landed in Dubai a fortnight ago and where else could you possibly think she is presently lodging?… Ofcourse, your guess is as good as mine. The Burj khalifa !!


Last year 2015 will forever remain indelible and unforgettable for Linda Ikeji, in a good way i must add. From advert deals, global recognition, automobile acquisition and the crown of it all, a gigantic half a billion naira mansion in banana island…Jhesos, can you even beat that!! Indeed the lord was gracious unto her just that we still dont know why God hasnt provided her a golden luxurious husband yet.(Just saying…)

Fast forward to 2016, the last few weeks hasnt gone without its own drama. Aunty Linda spared no rod when she took a couple of our music acts to the cleaners via her blog very early in january. An act which irked a lot of nerves.

Not long afterwards, sister Linda took a hard knock for her fake birkins hermes bag she flaunted on Instagram. Her haters wasted no time in roasting her reputations. This lasted for days before she eventually apologized and promised to atone for her lavish spending, on a fake bag for that matter. A whooping $14000 on bags … Jhesos, can you beat that !!! (Sorry for my poor man’s mentality sha)



As part of her atonement rituals, linda vowed to take one loyal fan along on her holiday vacation which she has done. She also promised to increase her monthly giveaway cash she does regularly via her blog. Abeg, what else we want make she take beg us bikoo :):):):) lolzzz.

Just yesterday, she hosted her pet initiative “#SelfMade” which was aimed at empowering the female folks stand gidigba financially and economically. It was a laudable initiative on all front and nothing short of a large heart best describes linda’s generosity. This was a necessary win after the birkinHermes debacle.



Just when i was about preaching aunty Linda’s gospel to the unbelievers, i stumbled on a write up on facebook written by with the caption.. “LindaIkeji Must Apologize”. I heaved a huge sigh knowing fully well aunty must have crossed another deadly battle line. Just so i wont bore you, the bottom line was that an interview linda granted to the ex-wife of a former minister’s son werent entirely true – as reported though. In the coming days, i foresee slander litigations flying “upandan” but trust lindy baby, she sure knows her way around those lagos courts( no be me talk am ooo)lolzxxx



Enough said, 2016 sure has a lot in stock for us. Like my people for nairaland would say, “How Linda’s matter take reduce price of fuel or garri for market” :):):) lolzzzz.  So this is me wishing sister Linda a lovely vacation in dubai as i continue to pray she remembers me in her scheme of things this year. (Abeg i no dey form ooo, na beg i dey beg bikoo):)

God bless Nigeria,
God bless you All,
God bless ScentNg



5 Comments Add yours

  1. ScentNG says:

    Am curious….. What do you guyz think of her

  2. R s k says:

    her starting point wasnt. good but with God on her side she is making it. From my. research, pple do visit her blog alot most especially women n ladies….wish her all d best and she shld get Mr Right soon to shut up all badbelly pple

  3. payne says:

    badbelle people like me baa…. laughs

    you are so on point Rsk.

  4. Joel says:

    whoa na God be baba over all things ooo. I know say sister Linda Don pass through many obstacles but she is just soaring above it all. I salute you great sis just dey remember us for Naija ooo.

  5. Shege says:

    Cool…enjoy yaself joor.

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