‘Raufu’ Has Finally Lost It


Rauf Aregbesola has finally lost it. What a shame. This is the same man I have always defended. If Rauf is not insensitive, he would have known that this is the wrong and inappropriate time to approve the creation of additional LCDAs, Area Councils and administrative Offices.

In 2013 when the idea of additional LCDAs was raised, Osun was not like this. Then, the government could pay 13th Month Salary. Today, the government finds it difficult to pay her workers. Since April 2015, most of the workers are being paid 50% of their salaries in almost 3 months behind schedule. As I write, most workers have not been paid January 2016 salaries. A wise governor should set his priorities and know the next line of action.

Rauf’s government is becoming unpopular by the day and instead he choose to worsen the situation. The creation of additional LCDAs will lead to another round of communal crisis. In 2002 when Chief Bisi Akande built a new government Secretariat, it was not done without
any crisis. The people of Ede claimed Abere, the location of the Secretariat belong to Ede while Osogbo also laid claim to the same place.

The matter has not been resolved till date. If Rauf is wise, he would know how to avoid some irrelevant issues. If the Governor is creating additional LCDAs, then one would ask about the conditions of the existing ones. Out of the 30 Old Local Government Areas, less than Five of them are viable. My Local Government Area, Oriade Local Government is one of the LGAs where nothing works. The IGR is basically generated from Ipetu Ijesa andOwena Markets.

In more than two decades of its existence, the only visible achievement is the Local Government Secretariat built byRotarian Chief Banji Olatona in 1991 when the State was created. This is the same Local Government Area that Ogbeni has divided into two. Maybe Rauf forgot to ask why the Omololu Olunloyo govt of 1983 cancelled the LCDAs created by Bola Ige. Obviously he didn’t bother to ask why Oyinlola canceled Bisi Akande’s illegal LCDAs.

How will the new LCDAs, Area Councils and Administrative Offices be financed?. How much will it cost Osun to build 35 new Secretariats? To employ new workers and pay them handsomely? The Governor in this strange style of Governance also announced that parliamentary system will be operated at the local government level. Misplaced
Priority!. Either Rauf Aregbesola has no advisers or he doesn’t listen to

Most of his critics have always accused him of using Lagos style but in
this case, it’s not. In Lagos where Rauf Came from, there are 57 LCDAs and LGAs. In Osun today, there are 65 LGAs, LCDAs, Area Councils and Administrative Offices. If Lagos cannot afford 65, why
Osun? In Lagos where he came from, there have been two Local Government elections since 2010. Welcome to Osun, where the Rauf appointed Executive Secretaries who spent five years. In Lagos where he came from, the governor (inaugurated 6 months after Rauf’s reelection) has constituted the state executive council. In Osun, the
governor has no cabinet since November 2014. The unusual govt is still ‘saving’ money.

One expects to him to settle down and find ways to solve the unnecessary problems he has created but no, Ogbeni is not done yet.

Rauf Aregbesola, May God help you. May you at a point realise what you have done and what you’re doing. May you remember all what you’ve said. Rauf, I’m done. My train has already left your station.

Credit: @TimiBoyinde, Political Analyst From Osun State, Southwest Nigeria.

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  1. ScentNG says:

    May God help the People of ipinle Omoluabi

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