Somebody Please Call Heaven

By now, i assume the average socially-inclined Nigerian is familiar with the ongoing ‘war’ currently pillaging the award winning singing duo, PSQUARE. The Okoye news is almost becoming an everyday anthem in celebrity gossip corners (in soft sell magz and blogs) so i do not intend to bore you with unnecessary details you probably might…

Linda Ikeji’s Coat Of Many Colours

Just so you know, our dear sister Linda landed in Dubai a fortnight ago and where else could you possibly think she is presently lodging?… Ofcourse, your guess is as good as mine. The Burj khalifa !!

UNIOSUN : Students Protest In Solidarity

If the news reaching me is anything to go by, Ipetu campus of UNIOSUN is certainly not having the best of times. In the spirit of Aluta and solidarity, the angry students ensured a total lockdown of vehicular movement to and fro the campus premises. According to an eyewitness, neither the lecturers norĀ  students were…

‘Raufu’ Has Finally Lost It

Rauf Aregbesola has finally lost it. What a shame. This is the same man I have always defended. If Rauf is not insensitive, he would have known that this is the wrong and inappropriate time to approve the creation of additional LCDAs, Area Councils and administrative Offices.

Agonies Of My Teenage Years

Hello my dear readers. As you may have noticed my lack of post recently, its partly due to my current workload and in all honestly, a bit of dwindling zeal. A lot has happened in the last few weeks capable of sucking out the passion and drive that has kept me going all this while….