Would You Rather Cheat On Your Partner Than Masturbate ? (Part 1)

10 Questions

I guess this is my first two-fold poser for the year, right?. Forgive the character length of the title, it’s to guarantee a better comprehension of the subject at hand. To be candid, this is a topic we can barely exhaust in one post, hence the need for sectioning into three parts. This is the first part, in which we get to discuss all about MASTURBATION. In the Second Part, we’ll get to discuss about Cheating on a partner and in the last part (3rd Part), the floor is prepped for an arguement; based on facts and analysis.

DISCLAIMER : This post is not in anyway written to promote or prejudice the spiritual, moral, or psycological beliefs of any particular person or persons.

According to an article by Camille pagan , masturbation is an act engaged in with the sole aim of attaining sexual pleasure. In a story i featured on this blog May10 2015, titled MASTURBATION: My Friendly Demon , a true life story explains the psycological and moral defects of masturbation.

Its majorly triggered by loneliness and/or boredom. In few cases, it is birthed by over-adventurousness of the mind with intense curiosity to explore the uncharted waters of self-satisfaction. Masturbation hasn’t gained so much appeal on this side of the continent as most African culture Frowns against it. Spiritually and morally, there has been some resistance as well. So the decision to engage in the act boils down solely on personal choice.

Masturbating increases blood flow throughout your body and releases feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins. “That may explain why there’s a clear mood benefit, even if you don’t orgasm,” says Prause, a sexuality researcher at UCLA. And while men are more likely to talk about blowing off steam by
masturbating, research suggests it’s a stress-reliever for both
sexes. “It takes your mind [off your worries] while activating
areas of the brain associated with pleasure,”

Myths sorrounding Masturbating as are so countless. Some people believes masturbation shortens life span, causes physical damage, causes nerve damage, cause low sperm counts etc but research has stated counterwise over time. Not like I support or detest the acts or the people engaging in it, but I’d rather stick with my science.


#1. It’s a perfect Sex drive killer

#2. It Eases Post-menopausal phase

#3. It improves sex style

#4. It reduces risk Of Prostate cancer

#5. It reduces Risk of contacting STI’s

#6. It improves Sperm motility

#7. It Reduces Nasal Congestion

#8. Helps manage Stress effectively

#9. Helps Manage PreMature Ejac.

#10. It boosts your mood.

Ofcourse there are downsides. Below are few of them:

#1. It is wrong biblically and Morally

#2. It causes imbalance in the length and weights of the arms

#3. It may gradually turn you yo an introvert

#4. Constant tiredness afterwards

#5. Mood Swing

#6. Sense of Guilt

The list goes on. Medically, no heavyweight health conditions has been attributed to it

However this is playing out in your minds, it is important to note that style of living, hygiene, and level of knowledge are some of the factors that determine the gravity of the consequences. A major fall back is addiction which might gravitate to lack of focus, temporary memory omission, oversights etc.

IF you need more exposition, knowledge or any useful explanation on masturbation, kindly check <a href=”m.mensxp.com/health/live-healthy/8858-10-health-benefits-of-masturbation-for-men.html"HERE

As much as I would have loved to chew more on this particular issue, my desire is not to bore you but allow you to have an inkling of what masturbation entails. So guys, feel free to drop first hand experiences you’ve had or stories you’ve been told and myths you have probably crammed into your Brain. 😛


In my next post, we shall be talking about “Love and Cheating in a Relationship” – a continuation of the current post.

Stay Blessed, and Happy. Weekend !

Credit: WebMD



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  1. scentmarlc says:

    The floor is now declared open. Let the opinnions roll in….

  2. itsallbuki says:

    Interesting. Weighing the pros and cons is always a good start I suppose. Thanks for sharing

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