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“Hello fellow Nigerian Undergraduates. and other Nairaland users. This will serve as the ‘CHATROOM’ FOR NAIRALAND
INTERSCHOOL DEBATE as well as the Planning thread for all subsequent NISDebate.”
Fynestboi (Education MOD, Nairaland.)

Historically, Nairaland Interschool Debate was an offshot of the Inaugural Nairaland Education Debate (NED) which brided on October 21st 2013, During the period, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike had kept students at home for three months running then.
The progenitor of the Debate sessions in the Education section of Nairaland Fynestboi, who is also the moderator of the Section, under the guidance of Nairaland notable and prominent personell (Jarus, Tgirl4real, Obinoscopy) began actively planning a platform where students (undergraduates)
from different tertiary(Polythecnic, University, College of Education, Technology schools) can meet and challenge their
intellectual prowess under the umbrella of their citadel.

Much to the midas touch of the owner of Nairaland Seun Osewa and the unrelenting effort of all coordinators, the planning of the debate kicked off in earnest on October 31st 2013 and lasted through November, However topics were suggested by debaters and the topics cut accross all sections
on here, (family, technology, politics, etc).

This debate is for all schools in Nigeria, mainly universities,
polytechnics and colleges of education. Each school will be
represented by their students here on Nairaland. In an era, when the internet is synonymous with scams and fraud, it gladden my heart to see the ‘future leaders’ coming
together and forming a bond that exists beyond the e-world
in order to improve and impact the society positively. This debates is coming at the appropriate time when we continue to have a decline in the reading and writing habit of our youth, this we believe his our little way of re-orientating
society about the important and benefits of positive criticism
through debating.

To the Judges, I thank you for volunteering to work on this
project considering your other offline schedules, I implore
you to do your best, as we can’t possibly satisfy everybody,
just do as your conscience is dictates.

To the contestants, you are the focal point of this projects,
educating and informative arguments is what we expects
from you, don’t see this as a ‘do or die’ affairs, play by the
rule and at the end of the day, we will all be happy to be part
of this laudable projects.

The debate is a competition to challenge our abilities and
develop our intellectual capacities. It is for all to learn and not for strifing or sentimental bias.


UPDATE: The Third Edition currently going on has proceeded into the eliminating rounds with 16 schools battling for survival. Earlier, Each particpating schools submitted their essays which is a prologue to the real time online debate. Abuklaw, a student of ABU, Zaria came tops. The elimination Round starts Jan13 – Feb 14, 2016. Keep it locked.

For more Info, Enquiries & Sponsorship, please CLICK HERE OR SEND US A MAIL

“Education Is Key” …. Suggestions and Opinnions are Highly Welcome. Thank You


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    1. scentmarlc says:

      Thank You.

      I hope you have been folloWing the debate’s Progress on

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Thank you fynestboi for dropping by.

      So do you mind shedding more light on the present status of the NISD 3rd Edition?

      Thank you.

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