Top 50 Nigeria Twitter Personalities In 2015


Nigerians are still basking in the euphoria of the New year, at a time sanity has just been restored to the prices of PMS in the country which hitherto has led to harsh economic conditions for the common masses. So it’s quite Understandable the reluctance of Nigerians to fully return to work tommorow; atleast spending more time with family isn’t a bad thing.

Lately, I have found myself wanting in areas of social media optimization and fully taking advantage of all available social platforms to project and maximize one’s bussiness interests. Not like I am totally unfamiliar with the popular ones like facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp etc., but engaging their optimum functionality has always been a heavy cross. So yesterday I made up my mind and a staunch resolution to dust up my Tweeting skills in 2016 and social media expertise in general.

To fully understand the features(of twitter) and its necessity was the first objective I had to deal with which I could say I grabbed quite faster than I had earlier anticpated, though not without having had to plunge through several online tips. Another area was sourcing for popular twitter handles of ‘celebs’ and people in government, so to speak (@least na dem dey chop naija money 😛 😛 ). Below is what I found and willing to share..::

“We run the rule on some of the most powerful Nigerian Twitter handles. A clutch of them boast a sphere of influence surpassing those of some mainstream media houses. Here’s a toast to the era of the overlord; presented in no particular order…”

1. @Obyezeks: Cerebral, witty and engaging, Nigeria’s former Minister of Education and former World Bank Vice President for Africa, rules her own roost and Twitter community with something resembling an aura. It is a testament to her Twitter influence and persona that most offline advocacy campaigns first gain traction on her handle.

2. @DoubleEph: He’s all shades of smarts. Feyi Fawehinmi fits the profile of a high school lecturer who has mastered the art of deploying Twitter’s 140 character limit to scholarly and disciplinary effect. His timeline often drips of a left leaning political disposition not easy to dismiss with some wave of the hand.

3. @ColinUdoh: Colin’s views on sports (with a bias for soccer) arrive with a cast-iron, almost foolproof seal. Plus, it is not the way he tweets, but how he tweets–not a word out of place and with a short-fuse for anyone who waltzes into his timeline without a spell check on his gadget. He’s the equivalent of a football oracle in Nigeria’s Twitter space.

4.@RealOmoSexy: Nollywood thespian, Omotola Jalade
Ekeinde, has a follower base exceeding the 500,000 mark; every
one of those followers drooling at her every tweet. Her sphere of
influence offline has been acknowledged by Time Magazine as
well and she often stirs up social causes as well. Brainy and pretty doesn’t even do her enough justice, but we’ll move on….

5. @Omojuwa: Japheth is the Twitter personality/handle you dare not cross swords with. His views on governance and politics are as controversial as they are engaging. These days, he picks his battles carefully; allowing a cast of “voltrons” to decimate his traducers on his behalf. A real force in Nigeria’s online community, this dude.

6. @PastorEAAdeboye: When word first made the rounds that one of the nation’s most powerful clergy had endorsed a presidential running mate, the political party on whose platform
this gentleman is running, almost screamed “Halleluyah”. Pastor
Adeboye oversees the Redeemed Christian Church of God, tweets sparsely, but when he does, the retweets almost resonate around the Twitter-sphere with the gale of an anointing service.



Enjoy the Year 😛

More Grace, More Money, More Tweets 😉 😉 😉



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  1. scentmarlc says:

    Guy feel free to add yours. If you are famous enough 😛 , add your twitter handle. Who knows people get to know more about you

  2. Lol i was expecting to see my name there sha… But no problem

    This shows that i have got more hard work to do

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Lols. 😉

      Do you believe sometimes I wonder what’s fun about tweeting?

      Now I know (*lols)

    2. scentmarlc says:

      Feel free to add your twitter handle sir

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