Would You Rather Cheat On Your Partner Than Masturbate ? (Part 1)

I guess this is my first two-fold poser for the year, right?. Forgive the character length of the title, it’s to guarantee a better comprehension of the subject at hand. To be candid, this is a topic we can barely exhaust in one post, hence the need for sectioning into three parts. This is the…

Kiss Kiss Kiss

This post doesn’t and wouldn’t come as a surprise to people who know me too well. Such a loyal fan of ANIDUGBE OLUWATOBILOBA DANIEL (A.K.A Kiss daniel), I practically could sing all his lyrics word for word. I also couldn’t resist the temptation to assign his “laye” song as my ringtone. That much, I ‘love’…


In this modern age, we barely do not compete for a few things, the air we breathe as one of those few things (with ‘death’ coming close in second place), can still be polluted to high extent Sometimes we pray it ceases to exist. Such is the power of BAD ODOUR; Body, Mouth or Genitals….


FEATURED POST “Hello fellow Nigerian Undergraduates. and other Nairaland users. This will serve as the ‘CHATROOM’ FOR NAIRALAND INTERSCHOOL DEBATE as well as the Planning thread for all subsequent NISDebate.” — Fynestboi (Education MOD, Nairaland.)

Top 50 Nigeria Twitter Personalities In 2015

Nigerians are still basking in the euphoria of the New year, at a time sanity has just been restored to the prices of PMS in the country which hitherto has led to harsh economic conditions for the common masses. So it’s quite Understandable the reluctance of Nigerians to fully return to work tommorow; atleast spending…