Hey guys, I am definitely not prepared to bore you (I was bored reading the details over and over) with the gory details of Miss Lotana Igwe-odunze a.k.a Sugarbelly’s alleged case of Rape against the late chief Audu’s sons. So far, it’s been allegations and counter-allegations flying loosely around in the air. I must admit I did not catch the news so early since I was busy with my BLACK FRIDAY or SCAM FRIDAY post.

Here is a summary of what transpired:

Sugarbelly as she is fondly called, claimed that at the age of 17, Mustapha Audu (which she fondly calls Bakura) took advantage of her and gang-raped her with some of his friends and his siblings. What started as a platonic boy-girl relationship turned sour few months afterwards. She also alleged that even though she was traumatized and brutally damaged, she wouldn’t go to report any of it because she was threatened severally. At 26, her conversation on the said incidence that happened 9years ago was caught on twitter and that led us to where we are presently.

(Read full excerpts HERE )

Now to the “bone of the Contentions”

    With the ‘PROOFS’ she tendered Here , Can we assume she is saying the truth?

    With her not-to-sterling record on twitter, would it be so wrong to assume this is one of her attention seeking stunt?

    Ok just in case she was indeed a victim, why wait till now ? ( Actually she wrote about it in atleast 3 different platforms between 2007 & 2011. Read AfricaReports2011 , SugarBellyRocks2007 , and an OnlineDiary which she kept as at the time to update her readers on the progress of her love life with Mustapha. That’s way back 2007)

    Could it be that the Late Audu’s Sons did rape the girl?

    What was Mustapha’s Reaction when the news first broke back in 2007?

    A new twist to this is that Oby Ezekweseli is a friend to sugarbelly’s mother and she is prepared to stick her neck out for her friend’s poor little sugarbelly ( who bears that kind of name sef 😛 :P)

    Or could she have been paid by the PDP ( since Audu was Apc 😛 😛 :P)


HERE is what SEUN OSEWA wrote (CEO, Nairaland )

HERE is what TONYEBARCANISTA has to say (Popular Media and Political critic)

HERE is what TALKTIMI & FRIENDS has to say too..

HERE is MUSTAPHA AUDU’s Own Narration

Catch up on exclusive snapshot of tweets, snapshots, and every bits of details via: BellaNaija OR simply follow Sugarbelly herself on twitter via @sugarbelly for direct signal 😛 😛

Guys hit me, what do you think of this waiting ‘time-bomb’ that’s about to hit The AUDU’s .

I wish I could state my opinnion categorically and coincisely, but am getting more confused by the hour. The case be like “Coat Of Many Colors My Papa Bought For Me ” 😛 😛 😛


Enjoy your weekend!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. taiwo says:

    if this case goes to trial, mustapha is in for a long ride

  2. taiwo says:

    just waiting to see wat oby ezek will do

  3. busayo says:

    Only God will save us……

  4. Busayo says:

    Seriously who is disturbing Goin. Court will judge…..

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