aa Black Friday Shopping lines

“JUMIA Black Friday is on with 2 FLASH SALES RIght NOW!! Tecno C8 at 50% off and Playstation 4 at 45% off! Click to order now!” …

I got not less than 15 SMS from Jumia and a Handful from Kaymu in the past few days. Why they suddenly became friendly to me is understable, Black friday was around the corner. For some time now, notably the beginning of this month, so much has been said about Black friday both on social media ,print media and other electronic means. Foreign Online stores like Ebay, Amazon,, ikea etc weren’t left out of this annual craze with intense publicity so much we could barely wait for 27th November to arrive.

Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, Dealdey and a host of other local online stores did all they could to outbid one another in gaining our trust and in return, we are expected shop with them on black friday, today. Saying we expected so much Awoof from todays black sales would be an understatement especially not when Jumia announced a whooping 90% discount on all products. By my calculation it means the Iphone6 would go for as low as 20K, can you believe that? Oh yea, I did believe it and so many other Iphone-less dudes out there πŸ˜› πŸ˜› did too.

Not like i have any soft spot for online shopping (infact I do not like it at all), but I was hoping I would be tempted enough to make an awoof buy if need be. So I slept early so as to wake early and start my online shopping tour to see how black today’s gonna be. By 2am, flash sales had already been put up on Dealdey with nices prices for designer perfumes and some fancy fashion accesories. I bolted away as fast as I could to other stores before the rush begins and trust me, I was highly dissapointed. Ohh well, not like I expected them to keep their words anyway.

Out of anger (or perhaps lack of cash πŸ˜› :P) , I gave up my quest soon too early and went my own way. I had enough on my plate to keep me busy all day which means I missed out on what was happening on the “black market” for the greater part of the day but just to have a feel of how the sales went I checked Naijasinglegirl (I knew she keeps tab on stuffs like that) and I wasn’t dissapointed with the venomous reactions of her readers. Hypothetically 90% of her readers shared a bad sour tale of Blackfriday with Jumia as the main culprit, not sparing other cohorts like Konga, Kaymu and the likes. ( Check Nigerians Reaction to Black Friday HERE

So guys share with me your BLACK FRIDAY Experience. Was it a SCAM FRIDAY for you too?

Enjoy your weekend guys!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joel says:

    This year black Friday was a fake one. When I stuff the net checking for phantom 7 price to have reduced to my surprise the price noo reduce ooo

  2. scentmarlc says:

    Lolz. It was same old story. Jumia and konga really messed up

  3. Busayo says:

    They duped us….. God save us.

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