A Quick Swipe At Buhari’s 37 Apostles


Today has been exceptionally busy for me, let alone be motivated enough to write a piece of my mind about kylie Jenner’s dubious ‘woman of the year’ award. Can you even believe that? Someone who has barely spent a year as a woman…I mean you all know she is one if not the only celebrity transgender in the news. But then like I said, being so busy made Kylie escaped all my tantrums. I wasn’t going to write anything today, I concluded.

After a refreshing shower later in the evening, I coudn’t but noticed baba has assigned portfolio to his new ministers and particularly, Fashola-Ameachi-Fayemi trio reaped the gains of their labour in my own candid opinnion. Moreso, their designate ministries are those that will either make or mar Buhari’s administration in the next four years so forgive me if I completely agree with baba with his decision to install his most trusted ‘goons’ to such key ministries.

Kemi Adeosun, Udo Udoma, and the rest I barely know save for Audu Ogbeh ( Agriculture) who was once a PDP Chairman. Politics and its theatrics isn’t my forte I must admit, I leave that to my friends (waju Abraham & Timi Boyinde) to dominate. Infact I have just begin a 3-day perusal course on the new ministers and what the minstries entails exactly. Maybe then, my sarcasm and full fledge critic-act would be in play.

Also noticeable is the new mergers of portfolio which is not completely unexpected, though a bit surprising. Like my friends, TimiBoyinde and KunleAkano, I seem to think Fayemi’s solid Mineral would be the first to face the wrath of the media, followed by Amaechi’s long list of Agency under his belt. This time May, who would have thought Amaechi would be sitting atop a robust ministry such as transport encompassing aviation, rail, frsc, sea, even keke Napep šŸ˜› lols.

aa Adamuadamu ADAMU ADAMU

As for Education, Adamu has proven to be a distinguished scholar and a revered journalist. His drawback seems to be his undying love for northern inclination which may prejudice his judgement towards the south and east. In an article Bukhari Jega in TheNews titled “In Defence of Adamu Adamu” , one can assume Adamu’s intellect has been more channeled towards a religious sentimental point of view but that is not to say he is a ‘bigot’ as been percieved by some of his southern contemporaries. His appointment is well deserved having being with Baba during his PTF days, serving as secretary in Transition committee that ushered in Baba’s presidency and having been involved actively in mainstream politics.

I wish I could dissect and discuss each minister with his portfolio right away, but then what do I know ?

Feel free to tell me what you think and what you expect of our dear ministers, Baba’s Apostles.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    All well and good. Am still going thru the list.

    Before I comment, let me wait for coolboy and joel…they seem to know better.

    Welldone bro!

  2. scentmarlc says:

    Thanks dear.

    Bulk of the ministers wasn’t unexpected…just that the issue of a Prof reporting to a mallam is causing so much innuendo down here. Lolz. ( I mean d edcuation ministry).

    Let’s jez keep our fingers crossed.


  3. ayobami says:

    Let’s wait nd c wot dey ll do, may God b wit dem.

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Amen. How u dey omec.

      Even heard Amaechi don go on leave šŸ˜› wen others are resuming

  4. Joel says:

    A big kudos to baba for his wise decisions in the affairs of the country. We all know that a English adage says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. So also it is related to leadership “show me your ministers and advisors and I will tell you what kind of leader you are” I know Nigeria is going higher. That’s all I gat to say laura

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