CHILE 2015: As We Celebrates …


Chile 2015 has come and gone but not without leaving a taste of sweet victory in our mouths. Nigeria became only the second side to retain the FIFA U-17 World Cup with a 2-0 win against Mali in Vina Del Mar. Victor Osimhen stole the show once again thanks to his record-breaking tenth goal of the tournament, with Funsho Bamgboye adding a second moments later.

As encomiums continue to pour on the squad for their solid performance in chile, its imperative for us to let’s say a few minutes, stay away from the shine and think of possible ways to build on this growing success. As customary to Nigerian tradition, age-grade players are often introduced into the main stream team far to often which in return yield little or poor outcomes. A handful of these players still needs serious brush-ups, discipline and tactical training to enable them compete at the very top.

Least to say the players themselves overestimate their abilities at the very first taste of success, only few of them withstand the test of time which is of a considerable low statistics compared to their european counterparts. Age grade competitions are meant to serve as a platform for young players to harness and horne their skills towards becoming a better and skillful player in the nearest future rather than an endorsement/deal ticket we’ve tagged it to be in Nigeria. Mikel, Ikpeba,Amuneke, Kanu etc are some of the great players the Eaglets have produced in time past. In recent times however, little or nothing can be said on the whereabouts of the set of players that lifted the trophy 8 years ago in UAE, or even in the 2013 winning team.

As I celebrate with the Golden eaglets on their success at Chile 2015, my candid advice for them is to thread with caution and humility. This is just the begiining of better things to come. Many have passed this same road but are no where to be found on the soccer map. With great dedication, humility, patience, discipline and hardwork….Ballon d’or might just be around the corner.

And for our amiable NFF, Technical committee, technical crew, coaching crew..I salute you all for your support, prayers and team work. Without you guys, there is no team. As you continue to savour the euphoria of this moment, create time to understudy the loopholes and dark spots in the presnt eaglets team and fix them asap before transiting them into the flying eagles because that is the best and only way to have a formidable national team that can stand the very tough test of time.

Once again, Stand up for the CHAMPIONS !!!

ImageCredit :GettyImagesFIFA

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. coolboy says:

    this is a big plus for Nigeria. they sud NVR relent

  2. lala says:

    cool boy u ar ryt. those guys needs to remain focused else Stanley okoro will b their mentor. lols

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Stanley did well during the tournament but he just couldn’t live up to the billing. Well we are not surprised….30 claimin 17 lolz 😛

  3. Laura says:

    They did quite well. Iwas impressed. I will advice them to listen to admonisions from senior colleagues and keep a cool head. #lobatan #lol

    Nice work scent


    1. scentmarlc says:

      Often times, those lads are the architect of their own downfall. Don’t you agree?

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