Top Tech CEO’s, CTO’s & Their Brands


21st Century has seen the advent of new innovations that has driven the world forward by no small means. Technology has proven to be a veritable tool towards the development of any country or society and as such, quite a number of technopreneurs, bussiness moguls, engineers etc have achieved various degree of success in their choosen tech fields ranging from OS programming, software engineering, 3G technology, Mobile computing, cloud computing, satellite engineering, robotics, PC Hardware, Wireless technology etc . The world has become safer and easier to live in as a result of some of the innovations created by this selected few. This article is an excerpt of a full compilation of Top CEO, CTO of popular tech brands and their associate managers. If not for anything but for the sake of acquiring knowledge. A Notable Mention is OLA OKELOLA, Software Engineer for FaceBook Entrusted with the ‘Privacy’ portfolio representing Nigeria @ the very top


Tony Conrad: Co-Founder; Ryan Freitas: Co-Founder ; Timothy Young Co-Founder; Laura Gluhanich -Community Manager; Shawn Collins -Lead Designer; Luke Gotszling -Developer


Matthias Zeller -Group Product Manager;
John Shapiro -Senior Product Manager;
Rachel Luxemburg -Group Manager; Community


Jason Petersen -Software Development Engineer;Matt Wood -Technology Evangelist


Bob Rosenschein -Founder and CEO; Gil Reich -Vice-President, Product Management;
Lea Aharonovitch -Senior Product Manager
Anyclip Nate Westheimer -Executive Vice-President, Product and Technology


Matt Fischer -Director,App Store; Ashwin Krishnan -Product Manager Mac OS X; Johnnie Manzari -UI Designer; Lia Napolitano -UX Architect ;Anton D’Auria -Software Engineer iOS Safari and WebKit


Brian Roepke -Director of Product;Management Data; Matt Stein -User Experience Manager AutoCAD Product
Line Group; Richard-Howard -Senior User Experience Manager;Dawn Danby -Sustainable Design Program Manager


Ben Huh -Founder and CEO; Scott Porad -CTO; Randy Stewart -Product Manager;
Olivia Zinn -Product Manager


Brian Gracely -Senior Manager Data Center
Virtualization and Cloud Computing;LaSandra Brill -Social Media Marketer


Craig Newmark -Founder; Jeremy Zawodny -Software Engineer


Michael Dell -Founder and CEO; Susan Beebe -Chief Listener; Lionel Menchaca Jr. -Chief Blogger; Chris Almond Senior -Consultant / Chief Content Wrangler for Dell Product Group; Sarah Richardson -Social Media Communications


Drew Houston Co-Founder and CEO; Arash Ferdowsi -Co-Founder and CTO; Sujay Jaswa Vice-President, Business Development;Aston Motes -Software Engineer


Gil Hirsch -Co-Founder and CEO;Yaniv Taigman -Co-Founder and CTO; Eden Shochat -Co-Founder; Dan Barak -Product Manager

OLA Hacking Software Codes @ FB HQ


Mark Zuckerberg CEO and co-Founder; Dustin Moskovitz -Co-Founder; Chris Hughes Co-Founder;Sean Parker -Founding President
Matt Cohler -Special Advisor; Bret Taylor -Chief Technology Officer; Kate Aronowitz -Director of Design;Robert Johnson Director – Software Engineering;Chris Cox Vice-President – Product;Lucas Nealan -Lead Engineer;Larry Yu Director – Corporate Communications;Scott Marlette Software Engineer – Creator of Facebook Photos;David Recordon Senior Open Programs Manager;Joel Seligstein Engineering Manager – FacebookMessages; Michael Eyal Sharon Product Manager – Mobile;Justin Shaffer Product Manager – Places; Sam Lessin Product Manager (creator of;Cat Lee Product Marketing Manager;Ana Yang Muller Product Marketing Manager;Aaron Sittig Design Strategy Lead Matt Jacobson Head of Market Development;Henri Moissinac Head of Mobile Business Tom Watson Designer (Places);Mark Slee Lead Product Manager;Ruchi Sanghvi Product Manager – Privacy
Steven Grimm Lead – Test Engineering Tech Nick Schrock Software Engineer – Pages, Profile, Privacy and the general product architecture;Sandra Liu Huang Platform Program Manager Yuji Higaki Engineering Manager Soleio Designer
Elliot Lynde Software Engineer – Facebook Groups; Olaoluwa ‘Ola’ Okelola, a Nigerian -Software Engineer – Privacy … Read More Here

aa Olaokelola1
OLA Chitchatting @ a dinner with Mark Zuckerberg

Image Credit : GIDILINKS

Contributor: GREYREVIEW

Read Comprehensive List HERE !!! and feel free to drop your comments.



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  1. Joel says:

    whoa Nigeria has just begun it journey toward greatness very soon you will be hearing about(EARTHEYE.COM) still on process till year 2018

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Alright joel. Let’s keep our hands tight till the birth eartheye. Nice idea by the way

  2. Laura says:

    I am so filled with joy anytime I see a Nigerian Doin wonders in the IT industry abroad. God bless Nigeria

    1. scentmarlc says:

      The feeling is mutual. Just few days ago on nairaland OBJ’s son was featured as working with microsoft. That sounded so nice

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