HELP !!! Two Year Old Diagnosed With Heart Condition. Needs Urgent Surgery


Goodmorning my dear readers. I bet your night was awesome. Mine was somehow because I had cattarh and blocked nose. Waking up was struggle but thank God I eventually did and guess what?….Its Friday People, yeeepeeee!!!

Today I wish I could say something sweet and nice to kickstart your weekend and put you in a vibration mode but for the urgent cry for help from an old colleague of mine. Soliciting has been goin on for quite a while on so many social platforms and media houses. The baby involved just clocked two years old yesterday but terribly sick and she needs to undergo a heart surgery overseas asap. Out of the 4million naira required, thousands of nigerians have been able to raise a sum of #2.6million for the said surgical operation.

As we speak, the mother and the child are billed to jet out of the country on sunday for the surgery but the money needed is yet to be completed. Please my dear readers no amount is too small. Let’s help this little baby in whatever way we can. Below is an excerpt of the Mother’s Narration on Read along:

” With a heavy heart I create this thread to seek for help from good hearted Nigerians home and abroad. Her name is Light (Imole), she is one yr and nine months old. she is not walking or talking yet she has been surffering from frequent repiratory tract infection and other infection since birth she has been battling with life since her birth she weighs 7kg now presently she is not feeding well again.”

“she is my daughter, first and only child.
we took her to the hospital on Monday, 3rd august. where they told us after an X-ray to go for Echocardiography at osogbo. during our previous visit to the hospital they ve been telling us its malnutrition. after the test at Biket hospital in oshogbo we were told she has heart defects. she has four different problems in her heart and it requires surgery which can only be done in India. The money we re expected or likly to spend will be around #4million.”

“Please, I want Nigerians to help my family save the girl’s life cos we can’t afford the expenses. we ve sent messages to Kanu heart foundation but no reply. pls help us. she is in pains presently. the cardiologist was even surprised after the test of how she has lived till now. that’s y I calld her a great fighter. pls
everyone help me”

Account details:
Ogunruku Mercy Itunu
Savings account.

Special thanks to Seun Osewa, the CEO of Nairaland.Com for the platform, support and donation . May God continue to bless u sir.

As we donate our little cents, I pray may God in his infinite mercy guide us, protect us, and be with us. It is well. AMEN.

P:S Kindly verify this story

Have a lovely weekend fellas….you deserve it.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    Please Kindly drop a word of prayer for baby light

  2. ajimoti Selim says:

    May Lord save her soul

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Amen. Thanks for stopping by. Please remember to share with your friends. No amount is too small.

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