NYSC DECAMPMENT: Matters Arising


As we may know that the orientation course for the present Batch B, 2015 youth corps is still on and in less than 2 weeks they would be rounding off from the Camp. Over time, there has been debates by meaningful Nigrians over the continuos/discontinuos existence of the scheme as a result of its inability to fulfil the purpose for which it was created. Considering the increased mortality rate of serving corps in troubled states, auto crashes, mob actions, increased unemployment etc…one needs not wonder why many thinks the scheme serves more kettle than pap.

However the downsides, NYSC has continued to excite the enthusiasm of graduates with the hope of experiencing a totally new atmosphere in the next one year. While some ex-corps have described it as the best one year of their lifetime, others has a gory tale to tell. Assumably your experience could depend on how well you were prepared to enjoy it says another group.

Away from the norm, the story emanating from the Ogun state orientation camp is disturbing if not alarming. It was gathered that 7 members had been decamped Monday Afternoon as a result of their sexually unruly behaviour. That alone beats my imagination. Very well a quick look at the
NYSC BYE LAWS did not at any point state clearly that “any corp member found having sex or engaged in sexual act of whatever form shall be punished or decamped” . And so it can be argued that the affected corp members did no wrong but that brings us to the moral court.

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The orientation course is only meant to last a total of 21days after which each member is expected to relocate to his/her PPA. To say the leaders of tommorow on whose shoulders the mantle of leadership shall fall on could not keep his pants zipped up and panties locked tight for such duration is disgraceful. Amongst the corp members decamped was a married woman and that alone signalled the end of decency because obviously she is so loose she just couldn’t wait.

As much as I am trying not to judge, I am of the believe that if NYSC could review the bye laws to include all sundry offenses, this might have been averted. As they say “No Laws, No sins”. At the moment of writting this article I still do not know the implications or consequence of being decamped but trust me, I am definitely getting to the bottom of it all.

Special shout to my friends and families presently in the camp, may God keep you from being decamped ooo. Amen. C/o Arimoro Emmanuel, Oyekunle Wasiu, Lanre Obe, Don Tee, Koba etc. Love you guys like…..

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  1. Selim says:

    Hmmm, serious matter to me NYSC scheme is a good program but the government and staff involved should add more spice to their broth.
    To that issue of decamping if people are too free many things will go out of control.

    1. scentmarlc says:

      I quite agree with your point selim. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Joel says:

    This country funny o and when I said this country I mean the people in it. But the corp members are adult not kids what concerns them with what they did now?

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Yes they are adults blah blah blah. From an official point of view they did not violate the NYSC bye law but thed did infact, broke the silent code of moral conduct. Just my thoughts…

  3. scentmarlc says:

    Should NYSC be scrapped or reformed?

    1. Laura says:

      Scent I believe it should be reformed, revived but with more accountability to give an improved state of the scheme….else it should be scrapped.

      By the way y ar u up so early 🙂 :p

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