How To Link Your BVN To Your GTB Account From Any ATM Nationwide

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Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Just saw this post online and I thought it wise to share considering the difficulties majority of Nigerians are presently facing with the BVN of a thing. Please note that I haven’t tested this method yet which means you are solely responsible for any actions you take afterwards.

This is for those who have already registered for BVN in
another bank. Here’s how to link your BVN to your GTBank
Account via any of our ATMs nationwide. Follow this 7-Step
Process accordingly:
1. Insert your GTBank card in the ATM and input your 4-digit
2. Select the “BVN Linking” option
3. Enter your 11-digit BVN and select “Proceed”
4. The ATM will display the 11-digit number, and request you
to validate
5. Once the number is validated as correct, select “Proceed”
6. Insert your PIN to validate, and submit
7. Your BVN is automatically linked to your GTBank account.
Then you are good to go! [Please share with everyone]



For other Info and Helpful codes on BVN Validation and Linkage check :

Please let me know if it works for you….



3 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    I hope it works ‘cos the stress is so much. Coupled with this fuel thingy currently goin on..

  2. Joel says:

    Gonna give it a try

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Alright joel. Let us know if it works. And thanks for always following. Please endaevour to share the link with your friends. Gracias

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