A Golden Casket ???


Its been raining cat and dog in one corner of the earth I presently dwell and I wonder if this cold would go any sooner. But in other news, I have some popping thoughts to share.

Ok I know we both agreed not to listen much to gossips or hearsays which hasn’t been confirmed yet from an authentic source but yeah, I broke our rule. In a frustrated attempt to get some updates as per news emanating from Aso Villa, I couldn’t but notice a story detailing the final burial arrangements of chief HID Awolowo on nairaland. Not that I care much about the dead anyway, but she deserves all the outpour of eulogies and accolades any accomplished elder ‘statewoman’ could ever get. The gist was, according to one of her daughters, she is to be buried in a golden casket ordered brand new from USA. Can you beat that?

You see, here is my drift. I see such move,( if its anything near the truth) as a complete waste of resources. Am sorry maybe its my poverty-stricken mentality talking but yes, I know what am saying. Nigerians have tried enough to endure the new found lust of our childish musicians who have made it a point of duty to shove into our faces all kinds of gold. We’ve seen their gold chains, gold wristwatches, gold-plated phones, gold jewelleries, bla bla bla….but a golden casket? Mmmmba, I won’t have anything of it.

Its easily understable if someone decide to spend his/her hard earned money anyway he/she chooses but for the dead, why not be modest. Infact it is plain contradictory and oxymoron-ic to have gold in the same sentence with casket simply because its often believed the word casket denotes a ‘bad’ thing while gold catches all our fancy. And from a spiritual point of view, gold and riches are all vanity which should not be godify or worshipped in whatever way by all mankind. And as such this rising menace of gold-this, gold-that should not only be discouraged, but should be totally trimmed down.

Okay before I start sounding crazy, all am saying is why not a modest, beautiful, well-carved casket made here in Nigeria?

Or the Caskets in Nigeria doesn’t stand the test of time beneath the soil?

What would mama HID have said about this if she was alive?

Does being buried with a golden casket symbolise any form of ‘passage rite’?

Or is it just to honor her?

Blah blah blah…

Ohh forget I even bring up this topic, the whiskey must have been spinning my brain but then, please feel free to share your thoughts….



3 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    Now let’s get the ball rolling peeps. Share your thoughts…

  2. Joel says:

    This our country self with all this childish acts. how will dey be burying a dead person with money that ought to be used for reasonable things. Let’s take a look at advance country,did they say because they are wealthy and advance they start burying with golden caskets. Nigeria sha may God deliver this country from their childish and lunatic behavior if u want to show u are wealthy there are many other ways u can do that than to buy a golden casket

  3. scentmarlc says:

    Lolz. Soon we get to see “Golden Dead Body” …. Don’t you think?

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