“Oga Abeg Drop Something Or Else … ”

Happy weekend to all my esteemed readers. I know somewhere right now the groom is saying ‘I do’ and in another place the deceased children are dancing hard to Ayefele’s melodious tune on stage. Am I wrong? .Well guys however you have choosen to spend your weekend, do it nicely and wisely but don’t ever forget to have fun. Yes real fun.

“Oga abeg drop something”, “Anything for your boys”, “Mr Man where do you think you are going”…….these are common phrases peculiar to our “patriotic” policemen assigned to police our roads. Need I say more ?

The past few years have witnessed an increment in rate of Unemployment, insurgency, bomb blasts, plane crashes, auto crashes, flooding and a host of other disasters. The last government did little or nothing to abate the fears of the masses rather the rich kept getting richer while the poor masses suffer more. The instability of oil price has also put the country in a bad shape whereby on a few members of a selected cabal gets to dictate the tune of Nigeria’s economy which is why May 29, 2015 remains symbolic in the mind of the masses as the beginning of a new dawn.

President Buhari government is what I like to think of as the snail-crawl approach even though my very good friend Timi Boyinde wouldn’t agree on this. Practically months upon assunmption of office, we still do not know who is who in his cabinet. Yes his presence have been felt in some sectors such as power and finance but we can not give him full credit for the new turn of event in such sectors. President Buhari has made numerous diplomatic trips in the last few months which is a good indication of what is to come.

Recently he granted a bail-out loan for states governments head-locked in debt and that gesture has been lauded by many, yours sincerely inclusive. Anyways the fulcrum of todays centers on the welfare package of our law enforcers. Are they not paid enough to cater for their themselves and their families? Are they being owed salaries too? What happens if they decide to go on strike? …. Ok enough soliloquizing.

Few weeks ago when PMB annouced all military checkpoints be vacated I thought that was the end of road exploitation. But ever since then, the police checkpoints have since doubled and expolitation paraded in full gear. A road trip from Lagos to Akure the other day left me short with a sum of almost #5000. While some checkpoints accepts #100, some frowns their face on sighting Awolowo’s head in your hand as if their fate is hooked to Nnamdi Azikwe if you know what I mean. Failure to comply with their demands results into brute usage of force and man handling.

My question is therefore simple:


Have a splendid weekend.


Scent Nooni 😛


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  1. ayobami says:

    Nice writeup

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