Blindness Not A Barrier?

Hello Everyone. Thank God its Friday !!!

As they say, love knows no boundary. We live to love everyday and as the famous American songstress, Rihanna rightly said..”Love can be found in a hopeless place”. In this generation flooded by technology and social aids, it is no more news to see youths/adults getting hooked up in troops. The social space has given us the reuired platform to network and communicate with each other even over a very long distance.

In Nigeria however, the culture of the three main tribes have only changed a bit while a large portion of it remains intact for posterity. For example the Yoruba people believes that when a Lady gets to 25, she must begin to find a way to settle down so as to be able to get done with child birth as soon as possible. Same goes for the male folks except they necessitate them to have a a good paying job first. As much as this yoruba ideology might sound right and appropriate, so has not be the case for most youth of nowadays. With the constant rise in employment rate, unstable power supply, inflation, insurgency, corruption et al…one needs not wonder what’s keeping our agile ‘guys’ for not being married even at age 40.


As years rolls by, pressure begin to mount back home. This applies to both sex. The parents begins to sing “I wanna see my grandchild” and your married-friends won’t spare you the rod. On most occasions, you give excuses such as “God’s Time is the best” but a point comes when that wouldn’t cut it anymore. Yes, you are beautiful/ handsome and goodlooking/eccentric. But why are you still single?

To douse the pressure and get done with the search game, the internet provides an easy option. A lot of matchmaking sites becomes your playground. With good picture and a well crafted bio, my brother you are good to go. And within days you got enchanted with this cute moniker and a day has been fixed for a date. You just couldn’t wait because you think finally you are getting there, marriage things on point !!! Lol 😛 😛


What happens if he/she is beautiful/Handsome , Gorgeous , elegant, sexy ……But BLIND ?

Will you still love the person?

Can your love overcome his/her blindness?

Can you go as far as marrying the person?


Hard one right?……….Well let me know your views.
Have a nice weekend.

Cheers guys

Scent Nooni 😛 😛


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ayobami says:

    Nt possible, never. To hell wit love.

  2. Olu$anjo says:

    If the blindness occurs accidentally later in life (i.e.not pathological),i can marry her…

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Hmmmmm, “pathological”…

      Isn’t that a “conditional Love” ?

      Last time I checked, everyone wants an unconditional love.

      Nice one sha…

      Let’s hear from others

  3. scentmarlc says:

    Hahahha …lols.

    I thought love towers above all things baa?

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