Mystery Of Death And Undertakers

Hello Everyone.

Am quite sure this topic a bell, the one that sends shivers down your spine. Since time immemorial, one thing is certain for all human, DEATH !. No matter how long or how aged we live on this planet earth, a day is ceratin to come when our vital organs shall fail us. And even as certain as this phenomenon is, we still do n do not get to choose how or what kind of death we want.

Adults , teenagers and aged die everyday be it in ghastly auto crashes, airplane wreck, shipwreck, robbery attack, bomblast et al. So it is a thing of ceratinty that death is a no respecter of ones age even though christians and muslems believed that nothing happens on earth without the consent of the almighty God. Does that mean he supports infant/teenage mortality?

In a country where insurgency and terrorism reign supreme, bussiness has continue to boom for funeral homes and private morgue operators. Not that I mean to say they have selfishly enriched themselves but everyday has continued to be a great day for their kind of bussiness. Even this days, I see Msc graduates applying to become a morgue attendant, undertaker, coffin sales rep blah blah blah….yet no one wants to die. What an Irony of life.

The fear of the dead has been confirmed as man most dreaded phobia. I still do not think I can stand the sight of dead bodies laid in the cold in our shabby morgues let alone work as a mortician who is responsible for the enbalming and caretaking. A more mysterious occupation is being an Undertaker, someone who escorts or carry the corpse till its laid to eternal rest. Often times, huge and heavily muscled guys ply this trade and one cannot but wonder why they have choosen such path. Don’t they get scared at all?

While growing up, I see people wearing black coats/suits, white handgloves and perhaps black ‘koko’ shoe dancing and happy while lifting coffins of dead people. My first of many mysteries is…..

Why are these people happy, when others are crying ?

What could be so exciting in doing stunt with a dead man’s body? Especially one who died in a ghastly motor accident…..

Or could it be they derive inspiration from somwhere else? And most importantly, how do they sleep @ night?

Ok may be am just overreacting. However one thing is certain for us all, DEATH. How? When? Why? Where?….We don’t know which is why we need to do good at all times and be in tune with our creator.

Feel free to share your mysteries of death/Undertakers/morgue with me. I promise to listen (lol, am gonna be scared !)


Scent Nooni 😛


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