PINK LIPS : The New Craze In Nigeria

Hi Everyone.

There is a new fad in town. Yea, you probably guessed right because its no longer news. The new craze in town is PINK LIPS. I hear Ladies love guys with pink Lips, is that true? I hear having a pink lips make you look smarter, is it true? I hear
Pink Lips makes you stand out, is it true?……….So many unanswered questions.

In Nigeria today where most of our celebrities have turned ‘yello’, its hard to know who was dark from birth. While the society is still admonishing our female folks to refrain from cosmetic bleaching or skin toning, a new fad crept up while we were asleep.

It is true you feel good when you have a soft, succulent skin not just your lips and I can only imagine the extent we all woudnt go too, just to feel good afterall ‘you only live once..YOLO’.

Especially in Lagos, many youths have tapped into the Pink Industry and its becoming a normal thing to see pinkLip ‘company’ on every street in Lagos, underbridges inclusive. My concern is not about the Lips itself but the proceedures. While we have the temporary proceedure which are less risky, there is the permanent adventure which might end up causing a deformation if done by a whacko Jacko.

No one is to blame for this new found craze other than our angelic naija celebrities who despite their habitual smoking habits parade all sort of fleshy cute soft Pink lips in their music videos and Interview sessions. So its only natural for an innocent guy like me to wonder why I cannot have pink lips despite me having a no-smoking lifestyle. And besides, are the girls not gonna love me more ‘coz of my pink lips?

Well for the sake of people like me that gets offended anytime I got asked if I smoke just because my lips is dark, I am happy to tell you there are several home made remedies to salvage your plight. Everyday remember to scrub your lips with bitter lemon, clean it with water, put sugar grains on your brush and scrub again, clean it and apply honey on the brush and scrub again. Repeat this proceedure twice daily for a month and I bet you….your lips shall rise and shine again. Lol . NOTE: you need a natural lip balm with a pink binge to keep the lips in shape during the day and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

And for you that wants to go for the quick fix, a temporary gel-pinking cost #2000 while a permanent one cost like 5k+. My simple advice is for you watch carefully before you leap else you might just be the newest of the physically challenged Association. My 2cent !

Will you go for pink lips to freshen up your look?
Will you rather a Red to Pink?
Ladies whatsup with your obsession with Pink lipped guys?

Over to you.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. shekhemi says:

    Whaow,dat was one

  2. ayobami says:


    1. scentmarlc says:

      What is emmmmM. I suppose your brown lips suits you baa ? Hahahhahah…lols ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

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