Must Okada Riders Be Dirty ??

Yeeepeee, thank God its friday. (TGIF). Hello friends, how have you been. I apologize for my long absence, I had to take a maternity leave , lolz. Anyways I am back for good.

Today I won’t be delving much into some oblivious mystery or any complicated scientific myth but a rather conspicuos menace fast gaining prominence in our already troubled society. Having observed a lot of them, one question that keeps begging foranswers was: Is a Must that they should be dirty?

A quick incident comes to mind when I was trying to remember one of my many misadventure in the hands of some of this culprit. I could barely breathe with the stench that oozes out from his unwashed “tapouly” pullover, on an early morning ride for that matter.

The more I try to justify these ineptitude the more reasoning counters me. Could it be that they were too tired to wash off properly after yesterday’s work-out? Or perhaps they only depend on just one pullover for cover? Or maybe its just the Nigerian Okada mentality that requires them to be dirty.

Need I say not all of them are guilty as charged, but most. Infact I think it has become a norm for us to identify the commercial bike operators on the road based on the raggedness or how shredded they look on top of the “okada”. I recall calling ‘okadaaaaaa’ and a fine handsome young man halted by my side. I looked up and my gaze were fixed on his neatly pressed ankara and abeti aja to-match well wooven cap….jhesus, I quickly retracted my statement, I told him plain I didn’t call Okada abeg, lol. He saw the surprise look on my face that signalled to him he was too overdressed or too neat for a typical Naija Okada man.

However fast forward to days later, I met the same man in the bank neatly dressed as usual and he recognized me at once. We got talking and satiated my curiosity. Infact, I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me that’s the way he has been riding for the past two years and I wasn’t the 20th nor 30th person to deny him a ‘job offer’ just because of his way of dressing. Naija why?

So you see, while I keep complaining and lashing out at the dirty ones for giving me asthma and infecting the public with airborne diseases, the one man that made it to the podium still scare the hell outa me simply ‘coz of my naija mentality. There and then I ask myself…………..

Must Okada Riders Be Dirty?

Stay out of trouble, see ya !


Scent Nooni 😛


One Comment Add yours

  1. ayobami says:

    No, d mature ones are not.

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