Dealing With Vagina Paper Cuts


Hello guyz, happy weekend.

Today my epistle is majorly for the female folks. Genital papercuts is a silent killer that disrupt a perfect sex life of its victim. Most ladies bore this burden silently and even groan in pains alone. Chaii;D

Briefly, lets talk about what vaginal paper cut is. Some ladies, be it after sex or without having sex, just discovers a cut, like a nail scratch on either of their labias. They also experience itching and burning sensation through them. These cuts causes pain and hinders a smooth sex life. Sometimes it comes with a discharge and swollen vagina lips, especially if it occurs as a tear after sex. So enjoy the testimony of hope by a patient below:

“Dear Ladies,
I think I may have found a solution for myself and everyone. I have been dealing with all of the same issues and all of the wrong diagnosis for the past 3 years. I won’t get into all of my
issues because they mirror all of yours. Last week, I went to see a UROGYNECOLOGIST that I was referred to. He told me he believe that the cause of the itching, burning, tearing/papercuts etc. was from muscle spasms of the
LEVATOR muscles of the vaginal area. He said spasms can cause this type of itching.”

“I thought he was crazy. He told me to call the office when the itching was intense and they would have me evaluated by their PELVIC FLOOR THERAPIST. He also told me to stop using the steroid cream I’d been prescribed by my GYN. He said the cream only served to thin the skin and make the tearing/papercuts worse. Last night I woke up at 4:00AM with intense itching/burning/ throbbing. It had been building for days. I was seen by the Pelvic
Floor Therapist at 11:00AM. She hooked me up to a machine that looked kind of like a ultrasound machine. She placed sensors on my lower abdomen, inside my vagina, and just inside the rectum. Within seconds of turning on the machine she said, “You are definitely spasming.” She asked me to do Kegle-type
exercises and some deep breathing.”

“The result is this… many women internalize their stress which causes the Levator muscles to spasm. The spasms cause intense itching or burning or both and a discharge sometimes. In addition, the scratching or rubbing of the vaginal area during the times of extreme irritation leads to the tearing papercuts — especially if you are using steroid-based creams for relief (as they thin the skin). She gave me a treatment by inserting a small instrument into the vagina which sent electrical impulses into the muscles. It was
not painful at all — there was just a warm sensation.”

“She also gave me simple vaginal muscle exercises to perform at home. I’m supposed to go back weekly for the electrical impulse therapy until the condition is under control.
She told me she had a patient come to her that had had this condition for 25 years and within a month of this therapy was pain/itch free. She did say that this is a condition I will probably have all my life but proper management will prevent the flaring.”

“Lastly, the Urogynecologist suggested that if I needed and extra boost until the therapy and exercises begin working, he could prescribe Xanex to use on an as needed basis. I didn’t take the Xanex because I want to give this therapy a chance to work. I have looked up Levator Spasms on Google but can only find information about problems with the rectum. I hope gives all of you some new direction in finding a solution to this problem.”
“The exercises are basically Kegle “flicking” ….[b]to be continued…[/b]

P:S ladies, you can check that burning pain in your labia by using a hand mirror. It looks like an opened nail cut. Click on d link below to know more about the causes and remedies



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