Letter To A Friend

Dear friend,

I know i am suppose to thank you for all you have done. You have been so faithful and true to your words. You’ve been supportive even though i havent shown appreciation. I am so grateful my dear friend.

My mom regalled how helpful you have been while i was away. She extolled your worthiness and virtues without end in sight. Its like she loves you more than my popcy sef..lolz. But really, am grateful for all you did for her too.

Well as you know, my dad doesnt speak much. He hasnt mentioned your name that much but believe when i tell you that the few times he did, it was all praises to you. He told me how comforting you’ve been to him and my momma when they were both sick. I cried and mumbled…why do you love us so much.

My sisters are fine. They miss you alot but i heard you guyz communicate time to time baa!! . It’s well ooo, just dont forget me, when your gifts starts flying around ..lolz

My brother is doing well too. He sends his regards but need i tell you he needs more cash for his medicine program? Owk, now you know. Please help him as always…’U no fit throway us nahhh, lolzz’

Ehmmmmmmm, July13 is my birthday. Please help me. Am short of cash and hopeless where to get some. Am i so poor that i wont even mark a single birthday till i am 30? Habaa, my friend, help me abeg, na only you fit do am.

And as for my birthday gift, please a new phone must be top priority. Cant you see i havent even texted or called you for some time now? Its my phone’s fault. I keep patching it up and my engineers are not helping matters. Please put me for mind oooo. Am good with either blackberry Q10 upwards or an iphone…abeg..:D;D

Owk friend, this is where i get to stop. Thank you so much for everything, i am so grateful.

P:S am about to tell my friends what your name is…should I or Not? ___________

Thats my letter to GOD, my friend, my maker, my father, my creator, my everything. He can do and undo. He can make way where there seems to be no way. I love him and i am grateful to him for all he has done. What are you waiting for?????? Say a word of appreciation to him if you believe in his merciess and graces.


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