EKITI STATE : A Fountain Under Siege (Part 1)


Yayy, thank God its Monday. Its the beginning of another new week, One embedded with loads of blessings and goodnesses. I pray as we all step out this week, God’s favour shall continue to abide with us. Amen. Goodmorning guys.

Today, am going to publish the first in line of a 5-parts series on the state of the nation. I know not so much have been heard from me on politics since the general elections were concluded. Its due to some restructuring taking place, kindly bear with me.


The victory of General Muhammadu Buhari in the last presidential election has brought CHANGE to many things. The Change mantra has not only affected (good or bad) some calculations, it has touched down to the
thinking and reasoning of every political inclined Nigerian. In the governorship election conducted two weeks after the election, some overlord governors found it difficult to impose their stooges. The message is loud and clear;
CHANGE IS HERE. One of the states hit by the CHANGE syndrome is Ekiti State. Although the state chapter of All Progressives Congress lost all elective posts in the elections, the Augean stable remains unclear.

Since the inauguration of the Ayo Fayose as governor of Ekiti State on October 16, 2014, he (Ayo Fayose) has never enjoyed a cordial
relationship with the State House of Assembly.
The crisis assumed a new dimension on November 20, 2014 when the speaker, Dr. Adewale Omirin was impeached by seven lawmakers loyal to the governor. No reason could have justified the impeachment of a speaker by seven lawmakers which does not form a sitting quorum. Section 96, subsection (i) of the Nigeria Constitution states that “The quorum of a house shall be one third of all members of the house”. If a governor meddles into the affairs of the house of assembly, he has acted against the oath he promised to
obey. That is an unsacred act of legislative gangsterism and lawlessness.

The brewing crisis also assumed a different dimension when Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was declared the winner of March 28, 2015 presidential election. The lawmakers who had relocated outside the state gained more
confidence and now ready to do the KILL; impeach the governor. The last one month has been dramatic in Ekiti. The state no longer enjoys relative peace and tranquility. Shop owners are now been mandated to close their
shops and ‘protest’ against the possible impeachment of their darling Gomina.

All attempts by the 19 APC lawmakers to return to the state have been blocked. An attempt resulted into violence where scores were injured. Ayo Fayose will not go down easily and the lawmakers having lost their bids to return to the house have seen impeachment as their last option. Both
parties refused to agree on any peace meeting brokered. The Governor has one mission; defy all attempts by the lawmakers to sit before June and the lawmakers have a mission – Sit before June and Impeach the governor.

Nigerians are watching closely. Why has Ekiti gotten to this stage? What is the cause of this? How do we avoid future occurrence? Why should a governor find it difficult to work
with a legislative house dominated by the Opposition? Should an opposition house refuse to cooperate with the executive? These are questions begging for answer.

If we want to get into the root of the current crisis in Ekiti state, one would have to look
back at 2007 gubernatorial election in Ekiti State. Like many other states, the governorship election in Ekiti State was massive rigged in 2007. It took 3 years for the candidate of the Action Congress, Dr. Kayode
Fayemi to get justice and has his mandate restored by Appeal Court Ilorin. Fayemi had to work with the same house of assembly his predecessor, Engr Segun Oni worked with. The same scenario is being relayed now. Fayemi had little or no problem with the house because his party and the PDP won
equal number of seats in 2007 election. In 2011, when the state constituency election was
held, Fayemi’s loyalists won 22 out of the 26 seats in the house.

Before the end of his tenure, 3 out of the 4 PDP lawmakers had left their party to join APC. When Fayose was inaugurated as governor, six (6) APC lawmakers defected to Fayose’s PDP. This brings the number of PDP
lawmakers to seven (7). Governor Ayo Fayose has labeled the lawmakers the clog in the
wheels of progress of the state. The lawmakers have also accused the governor of executive recklessness. From onset, it’s obvious both parties will not work together. It may be unfair for a governor who won his election
massively in all the local governments to be faced with a house dominated with members of the opposition. The lawmakers accused him of not allowing peace to reign and also his overbearing attitude in acting as a semi god over them.

The governor believes they are being incited and induced by the chieftains of APC who hate his gut to make Ekiti State ungovernable for him. The bickering continues. The seven lawmakers have ‘unconstitutionally’ taken
over legislative duties in the state. The governor likes it that way; he believes the citizens also love it. Ordinarily, one would have expected the APC lawmakers to co-operate with the governor in the interest of the state and focus on their legislative business as it affects the state. Sorry they have chosen this path. What justification do they have? In the same vein, the governor should have been
magnanimous in victory and work with the lawmakers. You don’t win enemies by fighting them…….

To be continued in part 2

Thanks for reading. Share your opinnion in the comment box.

Credit: Timi Boyinde, Ilorin
By: scentmarlc via https://scentmarlc.wordpress.com/


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