Untying Mummy’s Rope


Hey its weekend already. After all the fun in da club yesterday and all the hangovers, how are you gona spend your weekend, huh? Go skating? Go beaching? Go racing? Or you just gona chill ahome like me, huh? – anyways, i am wishing you a perfect weekend. Enjoy your day.

Away from pleasantries, i have decided to put on my creativity cap this early morning. As you know in my usual style, i search for a common evil in the society, research on it and always come up with the best human friendly approach to spill it out to you guys, with the hope of restoring order and civility to the society.

Today i titled my epistle “mummy’s rope” which has its root meaning from the rising menace of young agile men with no guts or bile to make any decision without their mothers approving. So bad is the case that this happens more to married men. Even the bible asserts that, a man and his wife are meant to be alone and become one. An unusual or constant interference from the paternal homefront could be a total disaster for young happy couple.

Well, maybe considering the fact most of today’s weddings are ably sponsored by either of the couple’s parents, one might wonder no more as to why the ‘mothers’ have refused to let down their ropes. Dont get me wrong, i rever and respect the roles of the bigger mummies in the gradual development of the newly-formed home but there is only so much that they are expected to do. Below are just some of the few adverse effects of overbearing ‘mummy’s’ influence on any married man:

1. Inability to function as a grown man
2. Instabilty in your home
3. Decline in trust between you and your partner
4. Boredom in the family
5. Constant comparison that will lead to fight
6. Non appreciation of your spouse’s efforts
7. Unnecessary intrusion into your personal affairs
8. Above all, divorce is coming soon.

I wish i could sound so much like a marriage counsellor or like oprah, to enable that you realice how serious this issue is and how bad it has stunted so many young couple’s home without any hope of restoration. Please if you have a better way of putting this message, kindly do so in the comment section, so that we can all gain from it. Thank you.

I will leave you yet to ponder more on my message for this morning. Do have a blast. Cheers.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. mikaizo says:

    couples should nt always make all their mistakes or private issues known to a 3rd party including their parents, except those ones that are unbearable nd obviously needs attention………

    1. scentmarlc says:

      I totally agree with you on this…

  2. mikaizo says:


    1. scentmarlc says:

      Thanks alot. Gracias

  3. temitope says:

    I agree with you mikaizo

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