Virgins of Doom


Goodmorning friends. How are you and how was your night, i hope it was good. I did have a nice nightrest but for the sarcasm injected into my veins by some of my colleagues as per yesterday’s story. I would have loved to summarize the story to allow many people read through faster but then, not so many things would have been explained. For my ardent fans, i cant thank you enough for your support and mails of encouragement. God bless you.

Today, i wish i could talk something sweet and pleasant. I thought and waited for the inspiration to come, but to no avail. However, the topic above kept pinching my cerebrum so much i had to take the pain to check it out and find ways of building a story around it. Remember i told you SMB is taking a new shape in order to make this page more endearing and fascinating. A major add-up is the NSG journal series and the “story series”. So till may 29, when our first of five epic series of politics would be published, i will be experimenting on the two add-ups afore mentioned plus some other ideas.

First, we are presently in a century where that word sounds like an alien language. I once heard a female colleague from work say that the only place to get virgins in Nigeria is Nursery school, can you imagine that ?. Well, to a very unreasonable but large extent, wasnt she right? . These days, its even easy to see HIV patients than virgins. Forgive my sarcasm, but you know am right.

Moving away from punches and blows, the aim of this writting is not to accuse the non-virgins for being human nor accuse the virgins for being too pure. Humans are fallible and prone to error. We all have made mistakes in the past that we dont want people to use or define our present. And i completely understand why. My present focus is on those that cherish the name “virgin” more than the dignity, sacrifice and the integrity being a virgin carries. You may be wondering what my angle to this is, but all am saying is that there are ladies that are far better to be overdisvirgined than their current official title of “virgin”. Let me expantiate further by a very short story below.

” Kunle was a young vibrant brilliant but naive boy when he was in 100level. He practically did everything by the book. He loved his book, his friends, his lecturers, but loved Ronke more. Ronke was an epitome of sacred beauty and she was the cynosure of all eyes. Kunle and Ronke loved each other dearly but something was standing in between their love – virginity. On several occasions, ronke have had to stop an arousing romance under the pretext of not wanting to “chop the kondo” lolzz. Three years went by, and both were still an item. In their final year, Ronke suddenly dissapeared without trace. Everyone was troubled including ronke’s friends. But after a long wait, kunle summoned up courage to visit ronke’s home. To his shock, she met a 6-month pregnant Ronke sleeping away ahome.whaaaaat!!!!! After four years of no-sex relationship? He couldnt believe that his ‘virgin’ ronky baby could have sex let alone got pregnant for someone else. What a world he exclaimed and left”

Some ladies are virgins not because they understand the full impact and weightt of virginity but simply because they are not attracted seexually to their partners. These category are parts of the VIRGINS OF DOOM. At the slightest opportunity, their claws become visible.

Another category are the virgins that can smooch pass cat. They know all kind of romance trick in the book. They do this to make up for their inabilty to have the ‘real deal’ and they always end up messing up their lives. They are virgins of doom.

Next on the line are those that practices oral and anal sex. Cheiiiii. This set of people can suck and suck. If care is not taken, they prefer to suck a dick than eating. Going through the anus also seems right to them. As far as nothing, not even air passes through the front door, they are good to go.

Another set are those that loves the ‘tip’.
After romance, they know what next but wouldnt dare. Instead, they just insert the dick ‘s tip with their hands and rub it against their womanliness. I wonder how different are they from our “Team disvirgineds”

The last but not the least are those that are virgins to their fiance but do collect the koboko on a regular basis from outside camp. This set are found mostly in churches. Since the christian faith doesnt encourage sampling, its safe for her to get shagged outside and still pretend inside. On the wedding night, its gona be all tarred road….cheiiii.

May God forgive us all for all our iniquities. We survive by grace and we should learn to abide by rules. As much as i love to know you are a virgin, i hate to see you acting otherwise all in the name of peer pressure… You dont need to form or famz to be what you are not so that your friends wont see you as JJC, instead raise your game and move with like minds.

Having said this, being a non-virgin doesnt make you a saint. I have decided to point my bullet at the virgins of doom today, but tommorow, it could be your turn. Watch your back !!!

Thank you for having me. Till when next i write your way again, stay blessed.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    Let the opinnions roll in

  2. oluleye oluwasikemi says:

    wow,dis s great and marvellous.kudos

  3. scentmarlc says:

    Thanks dear. Stay fit

  4. temitope says:

    nice story

  5. mikaizo says:

    lolz……….its true sha!

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