A PLEASURE FROM HELL […the concluding story]


I feel so reluctanct to publish the concluding part of yesterday’s story. A reason borne out of the fact that human beings can be so fanatic about somethin bein a true story than helping out regardless of what it is. Let me be quick to add, some peoples story sounds so unbelievable and that’s why they would rather sink back and suck alone than asking for help. We all are different. A quick visit to AMARA VAN LARE page on facebook will give you a hint of what so many people are goin through. Please and please, read and offer your advice. Worry less if its true or not. Thank you.

Hhmmmmmmmm, i heaved in relief. Could this be true? Was i been punked? OMG is this just a fictional story? How on earth can this be happening? How,why, when, who……my head kept on murmuring.

Happy new week my dear readers. I must say i feel so depressed for a monday morning. My bones still aches from yesterday’s church dance while my heart still rue from the sorrows of yesteryears. I cant but wondered if there is God sometimes, not that i dont know he does but life issues can be so overwhelming . Yesterday, i posted a brother’s story in which he explained the genesis of his travail and he quite sought for our help. Responses hasnt been that amazing but am trusting God to show us the way. So today, am goin to publish the sister’s version and you may not believe whats about to hit you. Just sit tight and see what this world has become. “Chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, there is GOD Ooooooooooo”


Hello mr scent. Am sure yu know why am sendin yu this mail so i will go straight to the point. Am two years younger than my brother but our education has always gone hand in hand. We shared virtually everything together and i love my brother. Yea, its true we do have sex but what you dont know is that he wasnt the one that disvirgined me. Life hasnt been fair to me while growing up coz those that were meant to shield me sold me out without a blink. Confused?? Let me xplain.

In my ss2, i came home earlier than my bro dat day for some reasons i cant remember right now. On getting home, i met chaos and pandemonium. At first i saw my dad sweating like a drowned chicken and later i saw flurry of our neighbours trooping out of my parents bedroom. What could be going on?.. I imagined as i trolled in gently. Not so long, i was shocked by the reality. Our landlord’s daughter was lying in the room naked and crying like a christmas chicken. Shuuuuuuuuuu, chineke!!!.

I wondered if i was dreaming or just hallucinating. “So dad and sikira has finally bleeped themselves…..but why on his matrimonial bed??” I kept on wondering. That day, mum beat the hell out of sikira and she also made sure dad had a mark to remember for his misdoing. Days went by and weeks passed but i cud still hear neighbours gigglin behind my back anytime i passed and this do make me really really sad. On one of such occasions, i threw caution into the wind and caused a scene. It took the intervention of my dad to douse the tension. My dad lifted me on his arms and pet me to sleep in his room. Where the hell my brother and mum went that day, i wouldnt know.

As the petting continued, i began getting aroused. My dad seemed to notice this and he kept fondling and stroking my hairline. I was furious, curious but yet ecstatic. I didnt know where this feeling might lead too but i was happy i could feel that way. When i was beginning to fall asleep, i felt a wet thud on my mouth…..jhesus, i was being kissed!! By my dad???

I flinged up but he overpowered me and had his way. I wept and cried for days and my mum wouldnt stop asking why. Ohh lord, i love my family and i cant survive a broken home. But if my dad went for restitution afterwards is a story for anoda day. Now am free, am disvirgined. Every day, every night, i crave for sex. So you see, while living with my brother in school, i wondered what could be so grave than having sex with my father and my answer was….NOTHING!!!!

My brother wasnt really strong spiritually which was why he fell for my pranks. I would strip to teeth and then cuddle him on the pretence that i am feeling heat and also scared. I started by kissing him and it was only a matter of time before we both lost our keys. Things went beyond control. I also couldnt stand by and watch my brother digging another chic which was why i overfed him with sex for years. While i was shagging my brother on one side, my dad kept asking for more anytime we were on break. If my mum knew anythin about all this, i wouldnt know.

Now am serving and so is my brother. He has resorted to masturbating while i still collect my kondo from time to time. Awhhhhhhh, i may sound raw to you but so is my problem. Even in church, i always feel like someone is stroking and kissing my clitoris. I will begin to shake. By the time service was over, all i can ever think of is my sexmate, eddy. Eddy serves me neat and hard. And when he is not around, i go meet spankyy….and the list doesnt end there. Maybe because am enjoying the sex was why i didnt know my destiny was whithering away. How God has managed to keep me alive till now is still a mystery. I want to change. I want intervention. I want counsel. I want LIFE. Have had enough “PLEASURE FROM HELL”

OMG, i can hear someone saying, Many things is happening in this world. Here you have it ooooo. Please give your advice to this dying girl. Whatever we can achieve together, stays with us forever. Thank you.

Take care fellas, i love you all. Till next time i write your way again, dont lose it !!!!!!!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    May God forgive and purify you

  2. temitope says:

    they all got to confess there sin and expose the devil..you don’t cover sin with a sin..its make devil happy and have power over you…before any delevarance can be done on the family,they all needs to confess there sin..make God help them

  3. joel says:

    hello sis it is not too late yet u can still change things pray to God and be determined to go through all this it will be good if u allow ur mum into this matter she will help a lot I assure u that all u need is to explain it to her in a very polite way and God will take control I assure u that at first all may not go smoothly but at the end u will be happy

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Amen. Thanks Joel. God bless you

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