Masturbation, my friendly demon


Happy sunday palz. Hope y’all had a swell night. While still rolling over the sheets early this morning, my phone rang, but it wasnt a call. In recent times, i have often set any music i like as the tone for my email, atleast my blackberry allows me to do so. While still half asleep, i managed to end the noise by picking up the phone grudgingly….awhhhhhh, i yawned.

Alas, i saw two new mail in my inbox and all i could do was just sleep back again. I think i might have thought on who the sender could be in my short dream – skyebank whom i recently opened an account with? Could it be my dear friend from cashbackresearch? Ohhhh who could this be sef? I cant but wondered. However after few struggle with nature, i succumbed – afterall, it was a sunday morning and i needed to wake up early.

Now lets skip the remaining intro, shall we!!
The mail i got was from a reader who claimed he came in contact with one of my write ups on facebook. For whatever reason, he thinks i might be able or perhaps, know someone who might be able to help him but you wont believe me if i tell you i have know idea how to help —-so, am counting on you my dear friends and family, please help a dying brother.

Hello scentmarlc, am an ardent reader of your blog but i seldomly comment. Pls hide my email and kindly edit my grammar as much as possible. My reason for the subject title is not farfetched from the way i presently feel. I feel so empty. Pardon my manners but i still wont reveal too much details about my personal self. Thats the same reason i couldnt post on your wall on fb. I grew up in an average nigeria family. We aint too poor neither were we rich. My parents hustled and never stop to do that even as me and my younger sister finished has obtained our bachelor degrees. Yea, we are just two.

My sister and i practically grew up together having been in the same class, same department in school, same chorister band in church, same this same that. Huhhhh. Did i mention we also lived together throughout my university days?? But thats because our parent didnt have much to spare. In no time, my sister got comfortable undressing while i was in the room and i practically didnt feel a thing – you know what i mean right!!!

Before long, i started having feelings for a girl in my class during our sophormore year but my sister wont have anything like that, she hated even the thought of it. At first i thought my sister was just being protective but things got worse as time passed. She would undress her self and tell me to fuck her if that was what i was looking for outside —whaaaaaaat?? I can hear you scream. I tried and God knows i tried to resist and rebuke this newfound temptation but all my effort to make her see we are gona be committing incest fell into deaf ears. To cut the long story short, i had sex with my sister almost every blessed night for almost two years. Wheeeew, i know what you must be thinking right now!

I got addicted to sex big time, with my sister ofcourse but right now, we are serving in different state. The last time she came visiting, we just couldnt keep hands off each other. My problem now is that, i do not have a girlfriend and i am always feeling horny. I hardly can stay a day without masturbating atleast thrice. Have tried stopping several times but i always find myself back in. Alter call? Severals. Infact i have been to deliverance on numberless occassion but i keep falling back into this mess. When i see a young girl, all i feel like doing is undressing her sharply and inserting my JT. Its that bad.

Am always feeling depressed after i must have expurged the ‘pap’ but the urge bounces back as soon as the next fine girl passes. I recently discussed this issue with my sister and her response shocked me. She told me in plain terms that she’s got so addicted that she does have sex atleast thrice a day. I probed further by asking her with whom and she simply replied, with anybody she sees. Ohh hell no. I think we are doomed for our incest and grave misdemeanour, pardon my grammar.

Mr scent, please publish my story with that caption but do not reveal my identity. I have also instructed my sister to send in her own version of the story to your mail. Maybe you can make it a series-post whereby people get to read my side today, and my sister’s side tomorrow. We need help. I dont even know where to start. Prayer? Counsel? Reading? Am seriously confused. Even as i type, am feeling desperately horny and only God himself can stop me from masturbating at least twice before going to church and for when i get back, its gona be countless. Masturbation has become my friendly demon. Helpppppp.

Uhhhhhhhhhh…..that feeling of relieve you feel after getting to the top of a mountain is all i feel i right now. His narration make me feel like this world aint right to live in anymore. His story screams help, But what do i know. I wish i was so gifted and depthed in bible verses so much that, i would just be doling out bible passages that could help this young man. Mind you, i have my own demons too but i bet you they aint that friendly like his. Please my dear readers, kindly comment with whatever advice that can help this guy. Be straight forward and precise. God bless you.

P.S: Tommorow monday, am gona post the sister’s version of the story which she titled “SEX ADDICTION: A Pleasure from Hell”.

Cheers, happy sunday!!!! Bye


9 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    All i can say is seek counsel in the santuary of God

  2. temitope says:

    he and his sister should go to man of God for counselling ….and give space for a little while..

  3. temitope says:

    he and his sister should go to man of God for counselling ….and give space for a little while..what is happening to them is not ordinary..and they should be ready and give there live to christ as there personal lord and saviour

  4. scentmarlc says:

    Thank you temitope. God bless you

  5. joel says:

    dear there is a reason for that happening don’t condemn urself u can’t change the past but u can change the future so don’t dwell on the things of the past focus on the future and God will help u
    on the masturbation of a thing u have hundred percent over urslef u can stop it I believe u can it is now time for u to prove that u can control itself may God assist u in all ur good doings.

    1. scentmarlc says:

      Very selfless of you. Thank you

  6. scentmarlc says:

    Where are my lady evangelists and pastors in the house?

  7. scentmarlc says:

    Thank you joel for your loyalty

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