Safety Precautions You May Want To Take On Election Day


Hello my dear readers… Am sure you must be wondering why my recent posts has been centered around politics. Haven’t you? Well, wonder no more. The presidential election in Nigeria is fast approaching with just 48hours left on the clock. Propaganda and politicking has heightened in several parts of the country and amidst tension and fear, Nigerians are still obliged to come out enmasse to fulfil their civic responsibilities. In the wake of preparing for the worst while expecting the best, below are some of the safety tips you might wana try out on saturday:

As we pray for peaceful polls on March 28, it is also a great idea to apply the following safety tips. It’s up to you to ensure the safety of you, your family and friends this period.

1. Do not be caught without airtime on your phone. Have ample call credit on your phone so that you won’t find yourself unfortunately stranded.

2. A poorly-stocked or non-existent first aid kit isn’t a great idea. Ensure you have the essential drugs in your home, complete with band-aids and everything else.

3. Don’t run out of potable water (at home, in your car, wherever you go.)

4. Do not wear any of the campaign souvenirs (PDP or APC caps, wrist bands, etc) to the polling unit. In fact, you shouldn’t even wear them at all, period.

5. Don’t allow anyone place political stickers on your door, your car, your desk, your anything.

6. Don’t run out of food.

7. Don’t run out of cash either. Keep cash around – in case of emergencies.

8. You shouldn’t be seen in public so much. Try as much as possible to stay at home. Avoid outdoor gatherings – the larger the crowd, the more the danger factor.

9. And – go slow with the political arguments. Now might be a good time to emulate the snail and reel your political
arguments in. Avoid heated political arguments like Ebola (yes, especially those ones in the bus/office.)

10. Don’t let anyone know who you would be voting for. Ah, even go as far as saying you’re a fencist, if it helps.

Bonus: Keep your car tank and generators full. You never know what’s around the bend.

Stay safe. God bless Nigeria.


By: Scentmarlc


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  1. scentmarlc says:

    Safety first always

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