CURSE AND BE CURSED ; The New Trend in ‘Social Media’ Politics


Goodmorning my dear readers. Am so enveloped in the euphoria of what to come in the next few days. As a reminder, Nigerians will gather in two’s and three’s to the polling boots to cast their votes for candidates of their choice vying for various elective offices. About 17 political parties seems visible but two of them remains front runners – PDP and APC. Saying the atmosphere has been tensed would be an understatement because nearly all broadcasting stations, both audio and visuals have resorted to collecting their own share of our politicians ‘golden cake’. Its either one jingle or a twisted chorus chanting the names of one political party or the other. The dailies hasn’t been left idle either, from one political advert to the other… – what else do I expect anyway at this period!!!

Well, what has actually captured my attention is the recent posts by some facebook supporter of both frontline parties. The social media has been agog with various assertions on the credibility of both presidential candidates by their teeming supporters – an act which was meant to increase the reach and popularity of the candidates. Various support groups has also invaded our beautiful social platform to garner support for their ‘man’ and they have practically spared no details to imagination on why their choice must be preferred.

If you are an ardent reader of punch or the Nation,two of the country’s best dailies, you might not be too surprised by the incessant derogatory articles and slanderous publications that has become the order of the day and a major player in this dirty game is our dear CHIEF FFK and CHIEF Lai Mohammed. Ohh yea, I know FFK is the media director of the PDP campaign organization and am quite sure of his responsibilities which includes tonguelashing, backslashing, verbaldissecting, and personal dereliction of anything or anyone opposing president Jonathan. He sure knows how to do his job especially not after I stumbled on one of his personal sites which archives venomous essays against the APC and its leadership. ( ). The ilks of Lai Mohammed, Dele Momodu, Tinubu and Amaechi are no saints either.

The new trend on social media is attacking of individuals personality – be it in form of puppets or in plain words. Verbal bullets have been flying north west and center. The most painful part is that most of this uncivilised and uncouth attitude is mostly done by our supposed leaders of tommorrow. The youth of this generation has been so brainwashed by the No-Point-7-Agenda of this money embezzling politicians. In a blank and ignorant attempt to show their filiaty and loyalty, I see a potentially bright youth come up with beautiful art designs and photoshopped images but derogatory and inhumane, aimed at discrediting the opposition. Some even resort to plain cursing. Often times, the victimized party in this case meets the initiator with rife curses and unsavoury replies via images and comments. I wonder what politics has turned social circle into.

A more recent happening, one which spurnned my senses into writting this piece is a case of a facebook friend that posted the vice presidential candidate of APC in a pixmix with a BABOON, and the message was clear. While the user might have been hell bent on disparaging the pastor with some cynical description of his resemblance to the baboon, not less than 15 out of 20 comments she had rained curses and unfathomable abuses on her. ( )

As if that was not enough, I stumbled across a post on facebook again where the user posted a photoshopped hair infested version of president Jonathan making him look like a gorilla descendant – atleast from the portrait. The picture was suppose to depict the cluelessness and wild nature of the president but as you may have expected, the jonathainains finished him off in a james bond style with raw curses of unredeemable standard. Yea, it was that bad.

I feel terrible to know that polical parties have made it a regular doing of striping themselves naked in public. No more issue based campaign, no more electorate-oriented propaganda,…all we have is Personal victimization, slanderous claims, labellious articles and confusing documentaries aimed at distorting the mind of the masses. I pray our youths desist from this act of drumming support for a particular candidate via vicious and mischievious portrations on facebook, twitter et al.


It should be of note that I have done and would continue to maintain my neutrality in expressing my state of mind as par the politics and events preceding the forthcoming elections , which totally does not reflect who I may choose to vote for, come March28. Afterall, we all have the right to vote and our votes must count. I can only do my part and hope that you do yours, this is the only way to make sure our future is in safe hands. Don’t curse anyone, don’t victimize anybody, politics can be done in a civil manner. You can mobilise support for your candidates online by highlighting his or her plans for the electorates, and you can help him by telling the masses how your preferred choice plans to carry out his 7 or 25 point agenda – whatever that means. Be sensitive, be civilized, be gentle and above all, be sure you are not selling your future.

Here you have it.

Credit: Scentmarlc
By: Scentmarlc


3 Comments Add yours

  1. scentmarlc says:

    You can be creative but don’t be wild

  2. kent says:

    whoa all wat u said was true I just wish corruption is eradicated from Nigeria

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