MALE VIRGINITY: An Honour Fading into Oblivion


Good day people. How has been your weekend. Mine has been good and eventful. Lots and lots of online information kept me busy throughout the weekend and I must confess, the #fasholaJoker hashtag on twitter got me rolling on the floor. Well, not that I mean to dishonour the lives of those who were lost in the lekki robbery but the outburst of the lagos state governor which was suppose to bring succour and comfort to the family of the deads can not only be regarded as riduculing but also childish – my opinnion though.

Okay, enough on the prelude and let’s get cracking on the subject of discussion. Male Virginity: An honour fast fading into oblivion. Hmmmmm, I know whats on the mind of the male folks right now – ” wetin dis guy dey talk sef. Any guy wey no f*** na okobo”. Forgive my manners but am sure you know am right and yea, i am no saint (before dem lautech guys start pouring, lolz). While surfing the internet in one of my many hotspots in the previous week, I came across an article which not only promotes the dignity in the preservation of female virginity but also exudes the benefits and honour of a virgin girl. It was indeed a reflection of what humanity expects from sane society where female virginity is regarded with accolades and florals. As much as I love to read an article as brilliant as that, I felt a nauseatic feeling within me. Maybe it was just my stomach playing pranks on me or maybe not.

The feeling I got was a reminisce of a seminar I attended way back in my secondary school days which centered on the discontinuation of female genital mutilation. I still can remember vividly that the program was sponsored by WHO. Even though the program’s theme centered on the female folk, the facilitators spared no time in enlightening the participators on the advantages and honour one’s virginity can bring, even as a “fine boy”. That was many years ago. In this new age and decade, i can almost say that its either I haven’t been to enough orientation seminars or male virginity as a topic is no longer a best seller.

Sex gives a wonderful feeling to both sex but it does come with a price that can become too much to pay if one indulges in it while still psycologically and physiologycally unprepared. Preparedness not in term of having the latest latex in your wallet or being consistent on a birth control pill. Sex is a bond before God that’s only acceptable in the confines of marriage, alone. And as such, the level or stages of preparedness involves your attainment of a married status, ready for childbirth, and readiness for a family.

Over the years, female virginity has been fought for on all forefronts by female and male activists. The virtues,fruits and benefits of female virginity has been extolled and rewarded on many accounts but little or nothing has been heard about the need for male virginity – maybe no one cares how we feel. It hurts.

Being a virgin as a lady seem easy to me than being a guy. You wana know why? Ok, often times, female role models in the country and beyond do make it a priority to sensitize teenage girls on the need to preserve their virginity time to time. The girls sees in them an icon, a figure, a model to emulate, a mentor that’s feasible and a coach with hands-on experience that’s willing to share. All it takes for them is a little self-will. This is certainly not the case with the “boys”. At this juncture, I stand on a plain moral jurisdiction and that’s why you probably haven’t seen any biblical verse to drive home my point. And it remains that way.

In sexual platforms or relationship columns in softsell magazines, I read stuff like “hello sir. I am aged 18, a guy, and suffering from premature ejaculation”….funny right!!! Ohh yeah. As much as I feel pain for such an individual on his “acclaimed” ailment, i feel sad on the waning sanity of the teenage boys of nowadays – not that we the bigger ‘boys’
are free from guilt anyways. But if at a tender age, you start dealing with sexual emotional stress that tend to taut your mental stabilty, you can only be guaranteed of blurred vision and a marred future. I do not share the sentiments of celibacy nor believe in the faith of monastery. I believe we sholud all have sex as pleasure and a means for procreation, but at the right time.

But given the weird dressings of our so called sisters, and the increased level of gullibleness of today’s girls, temptations now abound to make even the devil aroused in his vile garment. Its not easy. In saner climes, one would have expected the girls to help us as much as we are helping them by not asking for sex and inturn for them, not dressing half naked across the street because the male libido is hard to crush and difficult to oust once the graphics is stored in our subconcious. The movie industry also keep churning lucrid clips of simulated porn every day intended at courting the attention of unsuspecting youths who buys and emulates the content – it makes you skillful.hmmmmm.

I foresee a community, a country, a nation where male virginity will be a thing of the past judging from the current state of mind. And in no time, female virginity might be unreckoned with and an inebriated society will be birthed. No laws, no rules, just free sex and free virus. However, the situation can be salvaged by having men of God, facilitators, private sectors, parents,and schools committing at least a second of their time to sensitizing and ackneledging the honour, dignity, glory, and clean conscience obtainable in male virginty.

Here you have it, a drop in an ocean you may call it.

Credit : Scentmarlc
By: Scentmarlc


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