2015 ELECTIONS : Election in a Divided Nation

Yea, its thursaday. Should I say “thank God its thursday” instead. Its all about politics and in a rather brimming manner, timi has stirred what I like to call ” the bee’s chest”. Ohh you wana know why I said that? Just relax and read attentively because you sure a long way to go. Here it is in his own original words.:

2015 Elections: Divided Nigeriana
“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice
against prejudice. Divide and Conquer! We must not let that happen here. – Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1992)

In 1995, the current United States President, Barack Obama
published his first book, Dreams from my Father: A story of Race and Inheritance. The book sectioned into three; Origins, Chicago and Kenya dwelled more about his early upbringing, the journey to Indonesia, his meeting with his dad, working as an organizer in Chicago and his journey to Kenya to meet the
large Obama Family. When he travelled down to Kenya to meet his half-sister, Auma and other members of the family, he discovered that a family isn’t just a family in Africa but Africans belong to one family.

Before coming to Africa, he had read about Africa but the
Africa he met was more united and friendly than what he had read. While in Kenya, the young Barrack scolded her sister for an ‘ungrateful stereotype” when the latter said something about Kenya’s tribes and their weaknesses; “its thinking like that that hold us back, we are all part of one tribe. The black tribe. The human tribe. Look at what Tribalism has done to places like NIGERIA and Liberia” (Dreams from my father. Page 348)

At the beginning of British Indirect rule in 1901, Nigeria was
divided into two regions of Northern and Southern regions which were further divided into provinces. In 1914, Colonial Officer and Governor General, Fredrick Lord Lugard merged the Northern and Southern Protectorates to form Nigeria.
Since the creation and merger of the protectorates, Nigerians
have never seen themselves as a united people. Prior to Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, the first National election was conducted in 1959 where Ethnicity, Religion and Tribalism played greater roles in determining the Prime Minister and the President. From the name of the parties, to the tribes that form the membership of those parties and the outcome of
the election, it was clear that we had created another problem even when independence had been attained.

The 2015 general election is not different from Nigeria’s
previous elections. The build-up to the election has not been
encouraging; the harsh campaign statements, lack of issue based campaign and worrying statements. The most dangerous of it all is that the election is seen as a determining
factor for ethnic groups, religions and tribes. Going through the history of elections in this country, one would see a semblance of 2015 in all the previous elections. Like previous general elections, the 2015 election is being contested by a Northerner and a Southerner. Apart from 1999 and 2007 where the major contenders were from the same ethnic group, region and Religion, the previous elections have been contested between North, East and west and it’s unfortunate that Nigerians do not see themselves as Nigerians when it comes to Election. When an election approaches, Nigerians
become Northerners and Southerners. An average Northerner
believe it’s his turn to rule while Southerners think they have been cheated long enough and now is our time.

This writer always frown at some political slogans like “It’s our
turn”, “the true face of … “, “Our Agenda”; slogans promoting ethnic, tribal and religion bigotry. Today, no one cares if Nigeria is going forward or backward, no one cares whether candidate A deserves re-elected or Candidate B is electable, our major aim is that our own person must be there.
Community Leaders roll out their support for their sons and
daughters which may be normal but also bring the other candidate down which is abnormal. Hatred campaigns, propaganda and inflammatory statements are the things you
see when election is around the corner. Apart from the Civil War when there was a sharp division between Nigerians, we have never been more divided than now. The 2015 presidential election is being contested between two major parties, the All Progressives Party (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The APC’s candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) is contesting for the fourth time since 1999 and the Incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan, contesting under PDP is seeking a re-election. Gen Buhari, a Muslim Hausa Fulani is from the North Western state of Katsina while Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian Ijaw is from a
southern state of Bayelsa. Ordinarily, both of them should be
seen as Nigerians but not as Northerners and Southerners; Muslims and Christians, Hausa and Ijaw. While it may be too late to advise their supporters to see them as such, it is necessary to state how things should be.

Gong through Social media, one can predict the side you will
support by merely looking at your name and profile. It gets worse when those who should be leaders also heat up the polity and create more divisions by making unguarded statements. In 2011, some set of people promised to make
Nigeria Ungovernable if a certain candidate wins. Many of
such statements have been made between 2011 and 2015 and one wonders what will become of this country after the March 28 presidential election. If ‘peace accords’ signed by candidates cannot stop violence and disruption of rallies, one
wonders what will stop post-election violence. The situation in
the North in 2011 is still very much in the memory when youth corpers and civilians were killed in post-election violence. How do we stop possible re-occurrence when Religious and traditional leaders have openly supported
some candidates? Are these things dividing or uniting us?
I have read in many quarters where INEC boss, Prof Attahiru
Jega is being accused of being sentimental in the distribution of PVC.

The percentage of Permanent Voters Card’s Collection is greater in the North than the south and some have issues with that. If this country is seen as one, no one will bring other part of the country to justify his stand. In the last gubernatorial election in Anambra state, a brilliant candidate lost because
he chose to fly the flag of a party that is being described as
“Yoruba/Hausa” Party. That is unfortunate. If he had lost
because he was incompetent or incapable, that would have been better. The battle for the soul of Nigeria is on March 28, 2015. Nigerians are anxious to know what will happen that day and afterwards. Nigerians will elect a leader on March 28, an election which determinant factors will be ethnicity, tribalism and religion. Northerners want a return of power to
the zone while President Goodluck Jonathan’s men in the
creeks have threatened a major showdown if their son should lose. With the look of things, one will not be a prophet of doom to predict that a party that loses will not accept the election result and as well as the part of the country. The Opposition, APC is still trying to stand on a foot in the Southern states except South West while PDP’s popularity is
fast fading in the north. With that calculation, one can conclude that none is a National Party.

Nigerians need to stand up and fight any divisive agent. I don’t
believe the division of Nigeria will benefit any tribe. Together we should remain and become more united. Nigeria should not be divided by election. Nigeria is respected in the comity of nations because of so many things which will be lost if this Nation is separated of we are divided as a group of people.
Religious leaders, community leaders, Elderstatemen, Respected Citizens and Eminent personalities should come together before this election and assure Nigerians that there will be peace before, during and after the national elections. Party supporters should be lectured and be taught on
the need to remain peaceful and accept the election result whatever it might turn out to be. INEC as an umpire should also be ready to build on the success of 2011 general elections
Election time is not a period for a country to experience much
division and for ‘loud mouths to make statements that can bring down the country. It should be a time to reflect on the past and make decisions that will affect the future. If we, at this side of the world do not see it like that, then there is need for us to start now and unite to fight the devils and agent
of destruction in our midst. It is my prayer that Nigerians will
live to see a peaceful election and a peaceful Nigeria afterwards. God Bless Nigeria

One LOVE! The urban dictionary defines One Love as the
Universal Love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or colour. Bob Marley & the Wailers released a song of rhythm and blues genre from their 1997 album “Exodus” titled One Love/People Get Ready. A
posthumous music video was created for the song in 1984 to
accompany the Bob Marley & the Wailers compilation album, Legend. In the song, Bob Marley passed a message of love and one heart.


APC’s Okrika Rally: When politicians rush to sign peace
accords and joke, laugh and hug each other, people do take them serious. The reality is that a peace accord signed in Akure has little or no effect on the conduct of party members in Igbotako or Igbekebo unless the followers there have been
warned about misconduct. Party leaders need to educate their
members more. Okrika, the hometown of the First Lady of the federal Republic, Chief Mrs. Dame Patience Jonathan was under siege on Thursday, February 19 2015. A state rally of the All Progressive Congress was disrupted. This is the
second time APC campaign team will be attacked in Okrika.
Incidentally, the APC Gubernatorial candidate in Rivers State, Hon Dakuku Peterside is an old boy of the famous Okrika High School. Channels TV reporter, Charles Eruka was stabbed in the Neck. The act is condemnable and I hope the police will
bring the culprit to book. This is a serious issue that must be

Buhari’s Trip and Fayose’s Divisive and irresponsible campaign: I am not a fan of the Governor of Ekiti State and not a fan of his political style. APC’s presidential candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari left the shores of the country last week to United Kingdom. Buhari had barely touched down in London when Fayose alleged that he is in London because he
is sick. Fayose went ahead to release statements that Buhari is being treated with a chronic ailment. The Obsession with Buhari started sometimes in January when Fayose sponsored an advert on the front pages of two National Newspapers. The ‘death wish’ advert was condemned even by Fayose’s party
but he didn’t retract it. He insisted that what he said is just the
truth. The latest in the Fayose’s series is that Buhari might have
bought his chance to speak at Chattam house, London on Thursday because the event was not on the website of Chattam House when Buhari travelled out of Nigeria. Buhari’s media team has allowed Fayose to create what may
not happen. They gave him all the opportunities to create and re-create stories. There are better ways of managing an event and silencing someone like Fayose. I expect the next one from him.

Robert Mugabe at 91: Africa’s oldest head of state and the
controversial President of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was 91 on Saturday, February 21, 2015. Mugabe is the only president of Zimbabwe since the country attained independence in 1980. Mugabe has changed from a revolutionary leader to a maximum ruler. He is last of the African Revolutionary leaders who became president after Independence as his colleagues like Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaounda, Jomo Kenyatta, Lawrence Kabila, Julius Nyerere et
all have all passed away. At 91, one wonders if Mugabe has all
the strength to carry on as the president. Mugabe is seeking for a re-election when his current term expires in 2018. He is subject to travel bans imposed by the US and the EU because of political violence and intimidation in Zimbabwe In January 2015, Mugabe was elected at the president of African Union
against the wish of the United Nations and European Union.
Mugabe, no doubt is a divisive figure with some seeing him as a nationalist hero and others as a despot responsible for gross human right violations and capital offences. Mugabe is the first African President to speak against LGBT right. When he was asked when he will finally say goodbye to the people of
Zimbabwe, he responded thus “why will I say goodbye? They
told you they’re going somewhere? And have you asked the queen when she will quit?” At 91, I pray Mugabe will see a reason to quit and allow another person to re-build the country.

Oh Dear Manchester United: Arrogance and wrong tactics are
the two factors responsible for the poor performance of my darling Manchester United this season. I watched painfully on Saturday as Swansea, a Welsh club came from a goal down to defeat Manchester United. For the first time in the history
of the club, Swansea FC did a double on ManUtd. Its unfortunate that the fortune of Manchester United continue to decline. Now at 4th position with difficult fixtures in March, it will be difficult for the team to qualify for Uefa Champions League next season. The buck stops at Louis Van Gaal’s table and he MUST fix it or get ready for the AXE.

Need I say more?

Credits: Oluwatimilehin “GiFTED” Boyinde
Thursday, February 26, 2015
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By: Scentmarlc


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