Yeepee, Thank God its Friday. Welcome to the golden weekend. I don’t know why fridays seem to make everyone happy, including yours sincerely. Probably its the less-tense mood and the expectation of what’s gona happen at the club later on, or maybe just the thought of spending the free days with our beloved families. Either ways, #ThankGodItsFriday.

Okay, as the title might have suggested, the week was banging all along with goals and goals. Yes, I mean it. First it was the champions league and then the europa. Some teams exceeded our expectation while some simply deported themselves from our dear memory.

Of all, PsgChelsea game came as the star match. Not alone was the match honored with A-list players but the golden boy of france himself, IBRO availed himself despite injury speculation. I would love to dole out scores and accessment of each UCL match played, but something tells me you all have helped yourself to it. So, let me just stick to one I watched.

Yeah, here is my accessment. At the beginning of the match, or I would rather say before the match started, one would have thought we were getting ready for a birthday party. Oh you wana ask me why? Didn’t you see the curly hairs, well plaited dreads and shinning bald heads of the players in waiting lobby before proceeding to the pitch? Or is it the way both team players were grinning ear to ear as if it was an honorary match. But let’s leave matter for mathias sha!! Lolz.

Chelsea had a fine blend of play and possesion in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the pitch but couldn’t transcend into the last quarter of the opponent’s side. One would have thought PSG came with a BRT. But not to long, matuidi sparked like an electric wire with that beautiful nodder and trust me when I tell you mourinho did good by putting Courtois at the goal. As the time ticked tocked, not much was heard from d chelsea-ites. Before half-time, ivanovic struck like a thunderbolt and it was just the right recipe needed to get d blues in fine spirit. PSG sure didn’t sleep as Cavanni threatened the blues defence like its a hunting ground and luck shoned on him not too long into the 2nd half of the match. Efforts by both team to topple each other were fruitless but PSG shone like a million stars towards the end of the match. Indeed, it was a classy clash. Let’s wait for the return leg. You can get the full scores by surfing

Moving forward, this weekend is agog with loads of games. English Premiership, Championship, france league one, scotland premiership and many more… For all the game fixtures you can check

Am wishing you nothing but a fruitful, funfilled, sparkling weekend. Take a seat, take a chillpill and relax, the weekend just got started, peace Y’all.

Credits: Scentmarlc
By: Scentmarlc


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