Its wednesday people, and its a shinny day. As always, its indeed a priviledge to be alive. Am happy and am sure you are too. In our usual fashion, every wednesday we disscuss a trending topic that’s inclined to the socio-econo-political landscape of this nation and today is nothing but usual.

However, I take no credit for today’s write up because all I did was the finishing. Lolz. I bring an except from comrade jari’s “Nigeria’s unsung heroes”. Sit back, read and enjoy.

“Nigeria celebrated its 54th anniversary October last month. Our
country will also celebrate its 100 years of creation at the end of
this year. There is no doubt that the quest for independence and
self rule is difficult and challenging.
Like Nigeria each and every country, tribe and set of people
have their heroes. According to Oxford dictionary, hero is a
person, typically a man, who is admired for their
courage,outstanding achievements, or noble qualities: ‘a war

“In Nigeria, there many heroes. Some of Nigeria’s heroes are
celebrated, the likes of Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Belewa, Azikwe,
Gawon, etc. There are also many more heroes that are un
celebrated. These heroes have done great things for Nigeria.
Unfortunately, those heroes are not well honored, or not even
recognized at all. They suffered because of Nigeria. Some of
them even pay the ultimate price of giving their lives for the sake
of Nigeria. There families /were/are left to suffer. Their legacies
were/ are left to die, in fact no body bother to remember them
in many cases.”

“In many countries around the world, the government of
countries institute what is known as “national honor award”.
Those awards are meant to celebrate local, states, regional and
national heroes by giving them are deserving award to serve as a
recognition of their immense contribution to the local/state/
region of the country at large.
In Britain for example, there are many awards given to denote
ones recognition. There is the Knight of British Empire (KBE) as
the apex award, there is also Commander of the British empire
(CBE), there is also the member of the British Empire (MBE) etc”.

“Like wise in Ghana. There is the Grand commander of the order
of Volta (GCOV), in Niger Republic, there is the GCNON etc.
In Nigeria here, there are also national awards. But
unfortunately, the awards has been exclusively reserved for
some specific set of people; the politicians, Emirs, Governors,
Ministers etc. Unlike in many countries around the world, the
national honor is not meant for political leaders alone. A
President may even finish his terms in office without collecting
any national award. But in Nigeria, every President and former
President has a GCFR award, every Vice President has GCON,
every Speaker and first class Emirs gets CFR, Governors CON etc.”

“In some countries, even ex patriot can get a national honor, the
Likes are of Sir Ahmadu Bello that got that of Britain is an
Honor and recognition award is also giving by both local and
international organizations, companies etc. The United Nation is
an international organization, it gives awards like Ambassador of
peace as a recognition to a person. Also the Nobel Prizes are
internationally recognized awards various sets of people from
around the. The Pulitzer, Month Ibrahim, common wealth
awards etc are internationally recognized awards. There are also
local awards giving to a set of people within their localities.
In Nigeria for example, unsung heroes by Dailytrust newspaper,
best governor of the year award by business news, leadership
newspaper award etc. All awards are meant for credible,
competent and deserving persons, not just politicians.”

“In Nigeria, been responsible and exclusively patriotic is not
rewarding. This is because, no one will recognize your effort.
Nigerian politicians are not innocent, they are not God fearing.
They are selfish and self centered.
How can 20 billion dollars just disappear like that? It is still
among the poverty striken masses that you will find a ballot box
snatcher, assassins, thief etc. Why all that?
Nigerians must repent and return to God Almighty as he is the
only road to salvation, peace and security. If not, then I see no
time when Nigeria will develop without us repenting and
returning to God.

Credit: Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
By: scentmarlc


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