Reality day: The day after Valentine’s

There are 365 days or more in a year. Events are slated on a particular day within a year’s calendar. As we rise and sleep everyday, the clock ticks away and a new day is eventually birthed. Some days of the year are special virtue of what they are remembered for. Some are even so special that public holidays are declared to mark the occasion. But a day is just a day one would argue.

Feb 14th is a day to remember the exploits and heroics of st. Valentine. Today isn’t a story day so you can check up is bio online. However, he remains unforgettable in the history of mankind because of his love for love.

Valentine isn’t a day to frolic with impunity and promiscuosity. It isn’t a free sin day as many youth would desire to have it. Its a day to celebrate God’s true love with mankind. Whatever you do today tells on your tommorrow and tommorrow is your REALITY DAY. How would you like to spend it…. Ask yourself.

Happy Val’s day.


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