Not much has been heard or read from SMB for a while now. Many of our ardent readers have used different social platforms to express their discontention with our continuos absence from the ever bubbling social strata of this great country. Quite a lot of rumours and quite a bit of truth as well.

Duly, we appreciate our fans that relentlessly stood by us in desperate times and fervently prays for the restoration of dear SMB – ScentMarlcsBlog. May God’s grace never depart from your household. Amen.

Even though we have been amiss on the frontline for sometime now, we have however kept it as a duty to keep tab on all the happenings in the country and especially, in the social circles and believe me when I tell you so much water is flowing under the bridge. 2014 was ecstatic with hit songs and blasting marrital gossips. The country was laced with upcoming acts everywhere, new sounds and melodies filled the atmosphere. It was indeed a year of blessing for 2face, p-square, patoranking and even the Mavin buddies. Not much was heard form some big guns though, it was still an awesome year.

On the bigger stage, politicking and politicizing were the order of the day in the previous year. Opposition parties spared no rod in making sure that the Jonathan-led administration took the fall for all the bombings, corruption debacles and infrastructural decadence plaguing the country. At timed intervals, insurgency in the north grew by bounds. And as much as the presidency might want to play holy in all of this misfit, everyone or let’s say some of us know that the leaders of this so called terrorist group reside in the heart of the presidency. Enough talk about that joor.

In other news, our dear super eagles also failed to fly in their usual manner. This was so sad but what can we do than to keep praying for them. Our other graded teams did perform well though at various competion last year and a blistering performs came from the female team. Oshoala, I zoom you oooo. Moving on, the international football scene was agog with miracle goals, twisting dribbles, Jesus saves and lots of injury. The big boys of london, I mean Chelsea kept the candle light burning and it was also nice to see Man Utd not slipping behind this season.

I could go on and on because it was indeed an eventful year and we missed it. But welcome to 2015 ladies and gentlemen. We promise to serve you better and bigger. Consistency has always been our key and so shall it remains. Lots of love to the #RespiceProspice13 team members for their continuos encouragement and a special shout out to #BoyindeTimi for his ever consistent followership and enlightenment. Big thanks to our facebook followers as well as our twitterians. We are indeed happy to have you.

So as we approach the season of love, we wana say WE LOVE YOU………..

Signed: scentmarlc


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