Ramadan to start on wed in SAUDI & EGYPT

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is to start on
Wednesday in Saudi Arabia, the country’s Royal Court
announced in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press
Agency. Egyptian Grand Mufti, Shawqi Ibrahim Abdel-Karim,
announced that Ramadan would also start on Wednesday
in Egypt. The beginning of the month depends on the first sighting of the crescent moon, according to astronomers in every Islamic country. As the Islamic lunar year is 354 or 355 days long, Ramadan starts approximately 10 days earlier in each
Gregorian year. Muslims observe Ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk every day. The month culminates in Eid al-Fitr, the feast of breaking the fast.

However, local sources in southwestern part of Nigeria indicates that fasting has begun in osun and the lagos state capital as at today, 9th of july. So be it as it may, we pray for ALLAH’s mercies as all other brethren joins in the RAMADAN FASTING tommorrow.


mac oluwaferanmi


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