Is your FIRST love the TRUEST love

MYND44 says :
No. Your first love does not have to be true. It just seem to be true cos for most people, it happened when they were young and inexperienced so the go in without seeing the faults and that give very pleasant memories they still long for.

JMOORE says :
That’s my plan. My first love can be my true love and end up as my wife.

PEDROJP says :
True brother. My own case ooo, i no fit call dis one love but na she i first got intimate with. One fair lady like dat ooo but this fair lady will deny having any feelings for me even immediately after our intimate moments unto say she no know wetin b feelings and she no get anything like dat in her soul for me. I just dey wonder dis kind mentality

SNIPER says:
lol. Wetin happen nah ? They say “love is an act of endless forgiveness….” Seems it never existed btw u two

Perhaps not, but due to circumstances. Happy is the man who wins the first love of a woman, but Happy is the woman who wins the last love of a man.

My first love isn’t my true love nor is he even a friend. He knows he can’t be. When someone robs you of your innocence in the most horrible manner.

So readers, these can’t but make me ponder, is your first love really the true love your tender heart has always crave for? Please drop your comments.

mac oluwaferanmi


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