KUMUYI’s son’s wedding: ..the bride with her own doctrine

Trust Nigerians to dissect anything, the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Ministry’s son had his wedding last week, since then a lot of people have wondered on the whole ‘get-up’ of the bride which was yards away from what a typical Deeper life bride in Nigeria would wear and I’ve seen a couple. According to one of the ‘commenters’ on this funny but self explanatory picture which was posted on someone’s Facebook page;

“People have refused to live their own life but rather attach it to an apron of hypocritical philosophy and man made doctrine.I exonerate the dynamic Senior Kumuyi,I think it is the people that have refused to change,I respect Kumuyi and his teachings but the people he is teaching are not learning,it is a pity,religion should embrace freedom,that is what the bible said. It only warned that you should not use your liberty for evil,or take the grace for granted.”

Well may be I got carried away by the ironic scenerio, let me know what you guys think.

mac oluwaferanmi


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  1. t@t.com says:

    na wa o

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