RCCG acquires 1-million seat capacity crusade arena in US

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has prayed for Christians in the North America to receive “double portion” in their growth and advancement.

Adeboye, who spoke during the inauguration of the North American Redemption Camp in Greenville, Texas on Wednesday also prayed that they are accelerated to the glory of the Lord.

Quoting from the Holy Bible, 2nd kings 2 verse 9, Adeboye said “we learn from this that we are not to be content withthe accomplishments of those who have led and or are leading us.

“No, we are expected to aim to achieve even more. This is very consistent with the admonition made to the disciples

by the Lord Jesus Christ in John 14:12.”

He also ordained Pastors, assistant Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses and presented certificates to graduates of the RCCG North America seminary and Bible College.

The North America Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the one million seat capacity camp, with an initial 10,000 seats, is said to be the largest Nigerian own church auditorium in the U. S.

It is located on over 800 acres of land acquired by the RCCGNA

The camp already has an administrative building that houses the headquarters of the church and when fully completed; it would also have a number of buildings including housing estates, fish farm, schools and a university.

The inauguration coincided with the church’s 17th Annual Convention with the theme “Double Portion”.

Pastor James Fadele, Chairman RCCG, North America in his welcome address, noted that the camp premises has made progress in infrastructural improvements.

“As stated earlier, you will observe a few improvements since the last convention, such as the construction of the first phase of the pavilion, the furnishing of the central auditorium, construction of model houses of the redemption estate which are abundant evidence of the faithfulness of the lord.

“Let these reassure you that in your own life, the faithfulness of the Lord will likewise abound. The Lord has promised that He will perfect all that concerns you,” Fadele said.

In his message the governor of the State of Texas, Mr Rick Perry, implored the congregation to rejoice in the fellowship they find among their fellow Christians and experience the joy that comes from leading a life filled with the gifts of the

Holy Spirit.

“May you reach out to help others who are downtrodden and in need, and help them find solace and peace in the

Lord and in the Bible’s teachings.

“I commend your church for its mission to spread the word of God through the establishment of missions, schools, rehabilitation centres, child care and support centres across the globe,” Perry said.

I am so happy for them

Source: http://odili.net/news/source/2013/jun/20/335.html

mac oluwaferanmi


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