Guess what !!! Dekunle fuji is now a nurse in USA

Do you guys remember Dekunle Fuji of “lelelelele, mo like Jesu gan, mo nife Jesu gan…” that beautiful gospel fuji song. Well, in the search for greener pastures, the popular Nigerian gospel fuji musician, Dekunle Fuji is now a certified nurse in the US.

The former Storm Records artiste who several years ago was a toast in the gospel scene is now based in the US State of New Jersey where he went through a nursing course to become a qualified nurse.

The former artiste had left Nigeria for a show in the US in 2011. Getting to the US, Dekunle began considering the thought of settling down in the States. In no time he quickly applied for a nursing course and finished with the course a few months ago.

Prior to his sojourn in the US, the musician (although does not like to be referred to as a gospel artiste) had joined the Nigerian Police Force even before moving to the US.

‘Dekunle had joined the police force where he was appointed a senior officer because of his qualification. It just so happened that his travelling came through just about the same time the Police force had employed him’, the source said.

We also discover that in the US, the musician turned nurse is still taking up shows in churches and crusades where he gets paid up to about $5000 (N790000) per performance…

mac oluwaferanmi


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