facts about fart

    1. The more sulphur rich your diet is, the more your fart smells
    2. Fart is one of the oldest name in history of mankind.
    3. The average person produces about half a litre of farts everyday
    4.If a person were to fart continuosly for 6years and 9months, they would produce gas equivalent to energy atomic bomb
    5. Fart takes ten seconds to reach your nostrils
    6.An indian tribe in south america regards yanomami fart as a greeting
    7. You can get a job by being a professional fart smeller in china
    8.People even fart after death. Atleast 3hours after being dead, gases continue to escape from digestive tracts.

    SOURCE: http://myoddnews.blogspot.com/

    mac oluwaferanmi


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